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By: Heller Us  09-12-2011
Keywords: Machining, crankshaft

Module-Line System

A revolutionary, modular-design manufacturing concept for flexible production of prismatic powertrain components.

Our MLS meets the need of manufacturers to respond to changes in part designs or volumes cost-effectively without wasting time and capital resources. MLS delivers the best option: a production system with a high degree of flexibility and optimized price part cost.

CNC modules and the automation are fully independent. So each machining module determines when it receives components and tools for machining. No time is lost to long part transport times, and each machining module is contrinuously working.

Flexible and scalable CNC system

  • 5-sided machining in one setup
  • Cost-effective part changeovers
  • Flexibility for component, volume changes
  • Serial or in parallel system layout

Intelligent automation system

  • free transport components, tools between CNC modules
  • MLS control determines automatically which machining unit offers which operation and transports the component to that module
  • A component buffer in the MLS ensures that components are supplied to each CNC module while machining continues.

Machining Centers

Productive as CNC modules for cells and system application or as stand-alone machining powerhouses

CNC Crankshaft and camshaft machining: RFK DRZ RFN

RFK heavy-duty CNC crankshaft milling machines vastly improve the efficiency of batch machining main and pin journals of heavy-duty forged steel or cast iron crankshafts to 1250mm. The HELLER RFK 300 range integrates up to two internal milling units to ensure highest cutting performance.

The RFK150 complements the family of internal milling machines on the smaller end for high volume production of automotive crankshafts. This machine is extremely sturdy and well suited for roughing and semi-finishing pins, mains and counterweights on crankshafts up to 650mm length.

The family of external milling machines contains the HELLER RFK30 (for crankshaft lengths up to 1250mm) and the RFK15 (for crankshaft lengths up to 650mm). These machines excel in semi-finish milling of crankshaft pins, mains and counterweight topping.

The DRZ 15 (up to 650mm length) and DRZ 30 (up to 1250mm length) are specialized turn-chasing machines for machining the concentric diameters of automotive crankshafts, including the ends machining.

The RFN range machines--for external milling of camshafts--can machine cam profiles in cast or forged material or bar stock, cam profiles with circumferential chamfers/profiles, and interspaces between the cams (special designs).

Keywords: crankshaft, Machining