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By: Hein Kent S Dr (plastic Surg)  09-12-2011
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The finest garment you will ever wear

The finest garment you will ever wear is something you already have on – something you wear every day. It’s your skin and it is one of the most amazing organs you have on your body. Yes, the skin is an organ. If you laid it out flat it would measure about 20 square-feet for an average adult and weigh about 9 pounds.

How do most of us treat our skin? We expose it to the elements, including extreme heat, cold, sun, wind, rain and snow – usually unprotected. We rub, scratch, shave, pick, pinch, twist, scrub, pull, bend, squeeze, and slap it. No other organ in the human body could hold up to these types of daily torture, yet our skin survives, heals and protects.

Most people don’t think of skin along the same lines as their liver, kidneys, heart and brain. However skin is just as important. We tend to think of our skin as merely a sack that holds all of our insides together when in fact, it is one of the most complex and viable, vital living organs that we cannot live without.

Because of its complex network of blood vessels the skin responsible for the regulation of body temperature. It is your largest organ of sensation, perceiving cold, hot and pain, and is responsible for communication with the external environment, such as sensing a sharp knife or a soft pillow.

Your first defence

It is also your first line of defense against germs and unwanted intruders, serving as a waterproof barrier to prevent poisonous chemicals from penetrating. It is a vast organ of elimination, removing toxins and waste through the more than two million sweat pores located within it.

Your skin can also metabolize certain drugs and medications. Everything placed on your skin penetrates it to some degree, which is why it is important to pay attention to what you use on your skin.

It protects you from the sun by absorbing its rays and converts them to a darker pigment, which is a tan. With more than 100 oil glands per square-inch that produce sebum, your skin remains resilient and elastic even while fighting against a daily barrage of attacks.

Your skin is a mirror of what is occurring beneath the surface. Many diseases manifest themselves as skin problems long before there is evidence of the internal condition. This is why it is so important to take care of your skin from a young age, and why it’s never too late to begin a skin care regime.

With a special capacity to reflect human passion and sentiment, your skin turns red when outraged and becomes pale when scared, your palms sweat when nervous, and you blush when embarrassed. It is the one organ of the body that you can completely change. Its appearance and texture can be corrected from the abuse and neglect we have caused to it.

How to protect your skin

The number one way to achieve clear, healthy, radiant skin is through the proper cleansing of it. Traditional soaps contain detergents that often leave a film that can cause dryness.

Some cleansers contain sodium laurel sulfate, which is a known skin irritant that is frequently used because it is an inexpensive cleansing agent. It is also used throughout the world in clinical testing – laboratories use it to irritate skin on test animals and humans so that various healing agents can be tested for effectiveness. Sodium laurel sulfate cleans by corrosion, drying skin by stripping the protective lipids from the service, disabling its ability to effectively regulate moisture. Using a cleanser that is specific to your own skin type is as important as wearing the right size shoe for your foot.

Renata, our skin care advisor will tailor a program to meet you skin needs, to provide you with healthy, radiant skin. Our office carries a wide range of products including cleansers, moisturizers, at home treatments, serums and eye creams. In-office chemical peels are done to boost your skin's health and resiliency and will enhance surgical results.

Keywords: Skin Care

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