HeidiSongs Product Overview

By: Heidisongs  09-12-2011
Keywords: teachers, Songs, Sight Words

  introduce the songs from this CD, my students don’t want to sing anything else! Sing and Spell Volume 5: Number Words and More Sight Words, has most of the Dolch words from 51 - 75, plus the number words from zero to ten, of course! It also has a wonderful “Zero the Hero” song on it that the children just LOVE, plus the “Fight” song is great for teaching conflict resolution skills while teaching children how to spell this tricky word. It has a great, “classic rock” feel that the children immediately fell in love with and demanded to hear over and over again- especially the BOYS, who decided that playing the “air guitar” was the coolest thing EVER! Remember to always show your students the word as you are singing. I hold a flash card of the word in my hand as I do the motions. In fact, I   put the flashcards in order on a ring, and color code them by CD. That way, I   can just grab the one that I   need without any trouble. I keep my CD player on a plastic drawer that I got at Target, and I put all of these flashcards on the rings in this drawer. As soon as we are done singing a song, I ask the children what that word was. This helps them realize the purpose of the song, since many children believe we are singing just for fun! I now also use an ipod in my classroom, and I LOVE the flexibility of being able to create a playlist that contains exactly the songs that I want, in the order that I want to play them. I put the songs that we need to practice the most near the beginning of the list so that we get to them, and then we work our way backwards to the songs that we don’t need to practice as much.The DVD’s for all of the Sight Words CD are extremely helpful, since the children get to see the words written in front of them as the music plays, and do the motions as well. This is especially true of those teachers that have a Smartboard or some other type of large computer screen in their classrooms. These teachers tell me that they really only use the DVD’s and really don’t use the CD’s much at all! (You can always make up your own movements, but most teachers seem to like to have them all “prepackaged” and ready to go, and would rather just follow along with me as I do the motions. Teachers seem to prefer the DVD’s to the CD’s, and we now sell more of the DVD’s now than anything else.)

Keywords: Sight Words, Songs, teachers