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By: Hebertresearch  09-12-2011
Keywords: Surveys, data collection

Research  Areas

Hebert Research excels in providing numerous research options that best suit our client’s needs. Since every research project varies and the objectives differ, our company employs a variety of methodologies to achieve the best outcome for each customized research project.

Research Methodologies

 Focus Groups - Discussion groups of between 8 and 18 individuals provide critical insight as to the relative strengths and weaknesses of products and concepts, and allow ideas to be tested in a format wherein they can be picked apart at leisure. Focus groups typically precede quantitative surveys, and serve as a forum for understanding the critical issues that need to be measured during the survey.

Charrettes - Charrettes are informal brainstorming discussions.  Participants are told the purpose of the discussion before attending and are considered partners in a collaborative process of identifying issues and possible solutions to the matter at hand. 

Key Person Interviews

- Like focus groups, this type of research provides qualitative insight into critical issues without attempting to measure penetration, demand, or awareness. Key person interviews serve to identify and highlight some of the critical issues by discussing them with individuals with special knowledge or interest in the subject at hand.

Intercept surveys are ideal for use at special events or when conducting research on a specific location. Used properly, they can pinpoint differences and provide excellent information to a client.


Traditional mail surveys continue to service and important role in market research, being able to reach a large number of individuals with relative ease.


Since 1996 Hebert Research has been one of the pioneers of online market research. In addition to fielding online questionnaires, Hebert Research is able to generate response rates significantly higher than those of competing firms.

Interactive Voice

The primary data collection method of the past several decades, Hebert Research maintains a dedicated telephone interview department in-house.

Usability Labs

Hebert Research provides a usability lab for product testing, data collection, surveys, and other types of research.

Keywords: data collection, Surveys