By: Heavy Metal Manufacturing  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wood, Heavy Metal


If your design requires a reduction in materials that contribute to the fire-load of the vessel, then we have just the answer.
Our all-metal casework and fixtures will drastically reduce your fire-load while allowing you to incorporate more design elements. One option is an all-steel cabinet construction. If weight is issue, then an all-aluminum construction might be the answer. Either material can be powder coated with your choice of colors.


If you need a new or redesigned interior made entirely of wood-based materials, we can help you meet your client’s needs as well as your project budget.
We offer a full line of interior fixtures that are custom built to you specifications. Solid wood and wood veneers can be finished to match the designer’s samples as well as any existing wood finish you may have.


If both fire-load and weight are an issue, but you don’t want to sacrifice the look of an all-wood cabinet, then our wood / metal hybrid fixture might be just the thing. Take an all-aluminum constructed fixture and laminate it with your choice of plastic laminate or wood veneer and you have the best of both worlds.


To complete your wood or metal furniture, you can have your choice of a plastic laminate, solid surface or stone counter top over a wood or metal substrate.
If upholstery is needed, then you only need to pick your fabric to complete your new interior.
If your back-bar casework needs glass display shelves or mirrors, we can provide either tempered or laminated glass products needed to complete your new interior.


If you have an idea you would like to see, we can put your thoughts onto paper using the latest version of Autocad. From preliminary designs to actual shop drawings, Heavy Metal can help make your ideas a reality.

Keywords: Heavy Metal, Wood