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By: Healthy Hooves  09-12-2011
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Healthy Hooves » Services

Natural Farrier Services

I am based in Ingleside, Ontario and provide the following services for southeastern Ontario and Quebec. If there is sufficient client demand, I am willing to travel to provide service for new clients.

  • Performance trims
  • Therapeutic / corrective trims
  • Maintenance trims
  • Founder and Laminitis treatment and healing
  • Shoe removal
  • Repair chips, cracks and contracted hooves
  • Horse slips, glue on shoes, sole guard and other no nails options

Over 80% of horses euthanized is due to locomotor – leg or hoof – lameness. Most of this lamenesses happen as a result of small changes in your horses’ hoof form and function over time. It can be prevented! Having your horses’ hoof health documented allows you to discover changes in form, function and health long before these changes cause problems. I can provide a detailed hoof report with photo documentation each visit upon request.

Horse Boarding

The wonderful 45-acre property features:

  • A large barn with five 11′ x 10′ stalls and two larger foaling stalls (10′ x 15′) and three paddocks.
  • Large hay fields and trails to ride
  • We grow our own organic timothy hay
  • 2-3 feedings per day with water year round
  • Individual or small group turn out (4 horse max per paddock)
  • Large hay fields, trails and a 50 foot round pen to ride in
  • Safe electric fencing with turnout each day in one of our five paddocks

Keywords: Horse