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By: Health Media  09-12-2011

Everybody’s skin is different, and that’s where custom tailored skin care and cosmetics come in. Whether you have a uniquely coloured complexion, hard to please pores or a simple wish for anything personalized, we have products that are made specifically for the skin you are in. 

Colorescience Colorescience is the brainchild of Diane Ranger, who is credited with inventing the mineral makeup concept. Unlike traditional makeup, Colorescience products have been shown to have a positive effect on the actual condition of the skin. The micronized minerals used are naturally anti-inflammatory and uniquely formulated to protect and correct. As Colorescience evens the skin's tone and enhances the complexion with lightweight mineral pigment, it also protects against environmental and free radical damage. With Colorescience, you're able to achieve healthier skin simply by applying makeup - now that's multi-tasking!

The Benefits of Colorescience Mineral Makeup


Colorescience is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of skin though our colore “treatment” cosmetics. We create mineral based cosmetic products which enhance the beauty of the skin while addressing today’s skin needs in our constantly changing environment. These products embody science and nature’s highest quality ingredients. Animal friendly, they are loyal to the eco-system. Colorescience looks to the future for fresh, contemporary ideas and to the past for sound, stable references in order to provide effective, exciting and innovative cosmetic products; superior quality supported by exceptional service. Colorescience: the miracles of science; the magic of colore.

Colorescience Products

Colorescience has over 250 unique, mineral and crystal based therapy formulas for a wide variety of skin tones, skin types and applications. Rare ingredients coupled with sophisticated processing have allowed us to create the best quality, most light reflective products on the market. Every product is a “treatment” for your skin because each formula has a positive effect on the actual condition of the skin. The loose mineral pigments are purely natural, without additives. No oils, perfumes, talcs or alcohols. They are free of traditional ingredients that can irritate the skin or clog the pores. The minerals are naturally anti-inflammatory and act as an antiseptic on the skin, soothing and keeping the skin clean. The minerals overlay onto the skin and form a protective barrier from the onslaught of environmental pollutants.

Colorescience Sunforgettable: The Benefits of Mineral Sunscreen

Tired of goopy white sunscreens that leave you sticky or greasy? Make the switch to powder. Colorescience’s Sunforgettable mineral powder sunscreens are so quick and easy to use you’ll never go without sunscreen again. Mineral sunscreens are physical sun blockers. They sit on the skin and reflect the sun’s rays. They provide longer sun protection than chemical sunscreens since they don’t break down in sunlight. However, it’s still smart to reapply often since they may rub or wash off during extended wear. Mineral sunscreens also have fewer side effects than chemical sunscreens because they are not absorbed by the skin. They usually cause less irritation and do not clog pores, making them ideal for people with acne-prone or sensitive skin. Colorescience uses three different micronized minerals to protect your skin. Zinc oxide refracts light, titanium dioxide reflects light and iron oxides cool the skin. This perfect combination of sun blockers and skin soothers protects your skin from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays, ensuring your skin stays healthy.

Be Aware. Compare! All Minerals are not Created Equally.

 This easy test lets you gauge the integrity of your mineral makeup.

1. High integrity minerals that are processed properly: Real micronized minerals that are processed properly are completely waterproof and will not dissolve in water. Therefore, they float to the top.

2. Mineral makeup that is not process properly: Some suppliers may put minerals in their makeup, but do not process them properly. Ingredients that muddy the water are NOT pure minerals.

3. Very few minerals present: Some suppliers will apply the term “mineral makeup” to traditional makeup. Ingredients that bubble or foam are NOT pure minerals. Minerals that sink to the bottom are not properly processed.

Be Aware. Diane Ranger, founder of Colorescience, invented the mineral makeup concept and coined the term “mineral makeup” in 1977. Her vision was to establish and maintain the highest level of ingredient integrity by focusing on the quality of the minerals in each formula, as well as the way in which minerals were processed. Colorescience products are the standard by which all others are judged. Compare. The industry has recently been inundated with new “mineral” makeup lines. Some lines that once had ingredient integrity have changed their formulas using less expensive ingredients and processes to cut costs. Real mineral makeup is free of oils, talcs, alcohols, dyes, binders, fillers and heavy preservatives. If consumers are not educated about mineral makeup imposters, they will not see the results expected by real mineral makeup, or worse, they could be applying product that will actually cause skin problems. This reflects on the entire mineral makeup category.

Mineral Makeup Mineral makeup and mineral sun protection have changed the face of makeup forever and have quickly become and integral part of the medical spa protocol. Colorescience offers over 280 good-for-your-skin formulas including Sunforgettable, the first and only all clear SPF 30, full spectrum, instant, physical sun protection.

Mineral makeup has three essential benefits: Instant, physical and stable protection from UVA, UVB and Infrared sun rays. Heat exacerbates skin conditions such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer, and post-treatments such as laser resurfacing. Minerals are unique cooling agents that refract light, reduce heat and help keep skin cool. Mineral makeup can be used easily and effectively to camouflage uneven skin colore, whether from skin conditions of medical procedures.* Mineral pigments reflect the light so colores soften features and give the skin a healthy, youthful glow. Real minerals last all day, no reapplication should be necessary. *Consult your physician before using.

Colorescience was the first complete line of products in which each product boasts of active ingredients that are skin beneficial.

Colorescience Mineral Makeup Benefits: Fast application techniques with unique packaging Non-transfer finish resists rubbing off on clothes Concentrated colore “pay-off” (a little goes a long way) Looks like your own skin, only better Minerals that look like a powder and feel like a cream Prolonged wear with minimal touch-up Very water resistant Effortless colore matching and blending Weightless feel, even with multiple layers Layering possibilities, including cream over powder Complete camouflage coverage without a “cakey” look SPF rated minerals offer instant, virtually full spectrum sun protection

A healthy lifestyle and a good skin-care regime, coupled with a few extra preventative measures, will help make your skin radiant. Vancouver Laser and Skin Care has experts in a medical setting who are trained exclusively in the health and beauty of the skin.

The Inventor of Mineral Makeup, Diane Ranger. CEO and Founder of Colorescience.

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