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By: Healing Wisdom Coaching  09-12-2011

T h e   H e a r t   A w a r e n e s s   J o u r n e y
A guided journey into the dream of the heart.

What happens when our mind stills and we enter the dream of the heart?  There the heart can reveal what is truly important and what our next step needs to be.  We do not need to work it out, to struggle to make the right decision or even to understand it.  There is a simple sense of knowing from which we can allow ourselves to be moved. 
Come on the Heart Awareness Journey and be guided into the profoundly peaceful and mysterious place of Awareness – the nature of your own being.  Carried by the sublime bass flute music of Scott Sheerin, this journey connects you to the guidance alive within your own heart. 
This world is alive with Divine expression and our heart is the portal connecting us to this Divine Awareness.  The heart is the source of our wisdom about how to respond authentically and effectively to life.  Yet most of us have never been taught how to listen to the deeper knowing of the heart, how to understand its language, or why it is so important to do this.  Instead we often react to life based on the fears, desires and expectations of the mind and we experience a sense of stress and separation.  It is in revealing and following the guidance of our heart that we experience the connection, fulfillment and joy we long for.

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Every one of us has our own unique gifts to offer and purpose to fulfil, along with the wisdom and inner resources to experience a life of meaning and fulfilment. The authentic visions and dreams of your own heart are revealed rather than chasing after the desires and grasping of the ego-mind. Healing Wisdom coaching aligns your dreams with the dream of the Divine and allows them to unfold them with magic and integrity.


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A longing for a deeper connection to yourself and your community?• Uninspired or overwhelmed by your work?• Fearful of the transitions that face you?• Frustrated by a health challenge?• Inertia or procrastination about moving ahead with dreams and projects that you care about. Every one of us has our own unique gifts to offer and purpose to fulfill, along with the wisdom and inner resources to experience a life of meaning and fulfillment.


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We are all connected at the deepest level of awareness and that, when we are in touch with our own heart, authentic and respectful communication is always available. It is important for each partner to find the right balance for themselves between the need for closeness and intimacy and the need for individual space and growth.