Headway Software's Structure101 / Restructure101 Store

By: Headway Software  09-12-2011

Restructure101, Structure101 and Structure101 Build can be purchased in any of the following ways:




Licensing and pricing is per user.


Licensing and pricing is per user.

Structure101 Build

Licensing and pricing is per server.

*Language plugins work with Restructure101g and Structure101g, only one purchase required per plugin per user.

**When you have prorietary data you would like to model you can build your own flavor.


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Refactor architecture, structure, design for Java, C/C++, C#, .Net and more

There's a sense of "everything-uses-everything" – changes have disproportional ripple effects, new features take longer to implement, it's easier to duplicate than reuse, testing cycles seem endless. Perhaps you once had a clear mental-model of your code-base, where to find code and where to put it, and changes would affect other code more-or-less as you'd expect.


Software architecture refactoring & dependency management for Java, .Net, C/C++ and more with Structure101 and Restructure101

If you are interested in developing additional parsers for languages not currently supported please ask about our Parser Plugin Development Kit. Structure101 indirectly supports ActionScript, PHP, SQL, and XMI/UML via third party parser plugins to our generic Structure101g product. Structure101 is available for Windows, Windows64, OS X, Linux and most flavors of Unix.


Structure101 / Restructure101 Demos, Tutorials and Screencasts

All our demos, screencasts, tutorials and videos, from the highest level right down to the detail, all in one place. Not currently available for offline viewing.