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By: Hbua  09-12-2011
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Labour Day Weekend Tournament


Hi Everyone,

The season is slowly coming to an end which must mean our annual Labour Day Weekend Tournament can’t be far behind!

As most of you know this is our annual HBUA fundraiser. All umpires supply their services for free for the entire weekend.

It would be great for each and everyone of the HBUA to step up and help out at some point over the weekend. As an executive we sat down very early in the spring to go over details for our tournament. All round robin games will have 2-man umpiring crews, we will go with 3-man crews for the semi’s and championship games. We will also require umpire’s to keep score and pitch count.

We are looking forward to seeing some great baseball and having alot of fun!

Once again thanks in advance, there will be more to come over the next little while.


MLB Umpires: Under Fire

Here is a short blog from Shi Davidi on the Sportsnet website regarding the recent problems the Jays and other MLB teams have had with umpires. It appears that respect is being lost for the men in blue and John Farrell wants the umpires to be accountable for the judgment calls they make.

What do you think? Should MLB umpires need to respond to media questions?

Feel free to discuss over our HBUA twitter feed or on our Facebook page …

Have a Question Regarding a Rule???

The HBUA is proud to present … Dennis Ryan, our new HBUA Rules Liaison!!!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a specific rule and can’t find help through prayer, than Dennis is your man to talk to. For those who do not know Dennis well, his extensive career as an umpire has lead him to be a former Supervisor of Umpires of Ontario and Baseball Canada. He is also the former President of Baseball Ontario and the HDBA.

His contact info is as follows:

Phone: 905-561-8888

Thanks and have fun on the diamond!

Keywords: Baseball, Facebook Page

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News - 3/3 - HBUA

Bill Tunney, PresidentDave Cahill, Vice PresidentMike Campanella, SecretaryBill Tunney, TreasurerAdam Kirilo, HBUA DirectorSean Elliott, HBUA DirectorBill Tunney, Assignor. The 2010 HBUA Umpire of the Year, dedicated in memory of Dennis Aldridge, was presented at the 2010 HBUA Annual General Meeting on November 15, 2010. Congratulations to Bob Ishibashi for his vell deserved award, and we thank Bob for all his dedication this past season.


The President’s Desk - HBUA

We are always looking for new members, if you are interested in umpiring please make sure you are able to get to one of the certified Baseball Ontario clinics in the province. We are excited about the new changes that we have made and look forward to working with everyone to help improve umpiring within the city of Hamilton and area. Feel free to “like” us or follow us; and we are promising to keep everyone updated with baseball news.


News - 2/3 - HBUA

Lightning Rules for the HDBA In 2010 the HDBA passed a motion on the issue of lightning which is different than the 30-30 rule set out by Baseball Ontario. Alexander Park, Bernie Arbour Stadium and Mahoney Park have designated clubhouses for shelter and are the only 3 parks in the city for this. We have arranged our first general meeting for Wednesday, April 27th at Bay Gardens Funeral Home on Rymal Street at 7pm.