Expert Medical-Legal Analysis

By: Harvey Slater Md  09-12-2011
Keywords: medical malpractice, Medical Expert, Medical Expert Witness

Dr. Slater has served as a very successful defense expert in scores of medical malpractice cases over the past 32 years.

Dr. Slater noted in many cases that the plaintiff's medical expert report was lengthy but unfocused on the incident that fell below the standard of care.

The medical malpractice event was lost in a blizzard of easy to refute accusations of malpractice irrelevant to the outcome of the patient's course of treatment.

The event that leads to a catastrophic outcome (the "real" medical malpractice) is usually a single instance that initiates a cascade of complications.

It has been Dr. Slater's experience that in many cases this crucial event is missed or misinterpreted by the plaintiff's expert. He has seen many meritorious cases lost because of lengthy but unfocused reports by plaintiffs' medical experts.


  • Initial review of medical records to identify an event that falls below the standard of care that caused harm to a patient.
  • Outline key issues that should be addressed by the plaintiff's medical expert witness.
  • Strategic analysis of how the case will be defended by the defense's medical expert witness.
  • Evaluation and strategic analysis of plaintiff's and defense experts' reports.
  • Strategic analysis of medical expert witness' depositions.
  • Expert witness on burn/chemical/electrocution cases that involve malpractice or negligence or product liability.

Keywords: Defense Expert, Medical Expert, Medical Expert Witness, medical malpractice, Medical Malpractice Cases,