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By: Hartz And Homes  09-12-2011
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Hartz & Homes offers a wide-range of services to meet your redesigning needs. In order to read more about Pam's services, click on any one of the items below to reveal more information. If you have any questions about any service or special inquiries, contact Hartz & Homes directly.

Your home is your stage, a backdrop to showcase your individuality and tastes. Pam will come to your home for an initial consultation and together you'll decide the steps needed to achieve the look you want. Get advice on paint colors, and ideas on accessories, window treatments and furniture or just answers to general decorating questions.

$75.00 per hour

After an initial consultation to determine your use of the space and identify any problems, Pam will empty the room to study the architecture and focal point. Then she will rearrange the existing furniture and accessories and re-hang the artwork to create a wonderful new look. Pam's goal is to create a beautiful room using the treasures you already own. With your permission, she will “shop” your home to complete the look and will leave you with a list of suggestions for things you may want to consider as your budget allows. An average room takes 3-5 hours to complete.

$300 per room (Price may vary for special circumstances)

First impressions are very important especially when presenting your home to prospective buyers. Pam offers an evaluation service that consists of a complete assessment of your home in its entirety. With an objective eye, she will tour your home taking detailed notes and suggest changes that will present your home in its most flattering light. A detailed written evaluation will be sent to you a few days later.


Staging your home will result in a higher sales price and /or a reduced marketing time. Pam will arrange the furniture and lighting to enhance the space. Using well chosen accessories and eliminating clutter will make your home look spacious and inviting. Prospective buyers will feel welcome, making it easier to visualize themselves living in the home.

$75.00 per hour

Pam can help you move forward in your life by assisting in the decision making process of identifying the most important possessions to move as well as creating customized floor plans of furniture arrangements for your new space. Once you have moved in, she can set up your new place to make it feel like home by arranging the furniture, hanging artwork and photographs and accessorizing the space with your treasures.

A price estimate will be given after our initial consultation based on $50.00 per hour.

Let Pam work her magic to make your celebration truly memorable. She will use your treasured items to give your home a unique look for your next occasion.

$50.00 per hour

Sometimes all you need is the finishing touches. You provide the accessories- photos, artwork, collectibles, or personal items and Pam will arrange them to compliment your room and style. Whether it’s a mantelpiece, tabletop vignette, an arrangement on a bookcase or artwork to be hung, she can complete the look.

$75.00 per hour

Follow Mother Nature’s lead and let Pam create a seasonal change for your mantle to ensure that it remains the focal point of your room. She will artfully arrange your accessories into four distinct groupings, take a photograph of the finished mantle, and then pack it away in a clearly labeled box. You will receive pictures a few days later so you can reproduce the look on your own.


After an initial consultation to assess the problem areas of your home, Pam will work along side of you to implement a plan to sort and organize your space.

$30.00 per hour

Keeping your budget in mind, Pam can find the right finishing touches for you.

$50.00 per hour
*Rates listed are for a 20 mile radius of Middletown, CT. Traveling charges may apply.
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Keywords: Artwork, Furniture