HARMONYJ: Alternative Holistic Health: What is Harmonic Flow

By: Harmonyj  09-12-2011

What is Harmonic Flow™?

Harmonic Flow is YoungJu's unique healing program which opens and strengthens the connection between you and your spirit, and helps you integrate this spirit-self connection into your daily lives by firmly connecting your Being through your physiccal being to the energy of Gaia, the Mother Earth. It is done by allowing your personal unique harmonic resonance of the Universe into your heart and balancing all levels of your energy through this re-connected heart. As your unique harmonic energy flows through you naturally, you become more aware of Self and live more fully from your heart. It’s like upgrading your spirit connection from a dial-up to a broadband!

Harmonic Flow is integrated in every session. However, if you wish to experience its pure form, you're more than welcome. It will feel like you're dancing with your own energy wihtin and without. Pure Joy!

Let's get your 'Harmonic-Juice Flowing' !
a Harmonic Flow session today and start the vibrational communication with yourSelf to understand and unfold what you really want in your heart and who you truly are.

Or simply contact me to arrange for an appointment:
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