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By: Harmonyj  09-12-2011
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Body's Innate wisdom: BodyTalk is based on the principle that the body is capable of healing itself at all levels. The body is a complex series of energy systems within systems and for these systems to function properly, they need to be in good communication within and with each other. Unfortunately, the stresses of daily living can compromise "talking" between these systems and lead to discomfort and illness. BodyTalk can remind the bodymind to reestablish its lines of communication and to direct its healing attention to these neglected areas. Linking: Linking is the key to the new paradigm of treatment. The practioner determines which parts need to be linked in order to facilitate optimum commuinication and healing, then links them in the sequence indicated by the body's innate wisdom. Tapping Process : After all information is gathered and parts are linked, the practitioner gently tpas on the client's head (brain) to 'repair' the faulty communication, and then stermum (heart) to' store' this repair formula.Integration: Once the body has been reminded of the problems, it can begin its healing properly and efficiently.

What are common conditiones addressed by BodyTalk?
* Allergies * Viruses & Infections * Headaches * Depression * Sstress & Anxiety
* Back pain * Arthritis * Fears, Phobias & Emotional Disturbances * Digestive Disorder * Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue * Learning Disorders * ADHD

How often can I have a BodyTalk session?
The client's innate wisdom not only let the practitioner know when the session is complete but also establishes a time when the client needs to come in for a follow-up session.

Initiate your body 'Talking' within!
a BodyTalk session today and let your body do what it's design to do;

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Keywords: healing

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