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By: Harmony Audio Video Systems Group  09-12-2011

Think of each room or area in the house as a zone, it could be a living room, patio, kitchen or even a closet or bathroom. Each zone can be individually controlled in terms of volume and what you wish to listen to.

Some examples of sources are AM/FM radio, satellite radio, CD/DVD, iPod, computer or media server.

Speakers can be as prominent (, ) or discreet (//) as you like.

Distributed audio systems can be as small or large as you need them to be. They can be tailored to budget, sound quality, loudness or any combination of the 3.

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Harmony Audio Video Systems Group, Inc - calib

While a big picture and a loud sound system can create excitement and achieve a WOW factor, it can also fall woefully short of recreating the artistry that the professionals in the film & TV industry work to achieve. With our experience and the proper test equipment we can maximize the performance of the audio equipment while working within the design and aesthetic requirements of our clients.


Harmony Audio Video Systems Group, Inc - acoustic

Our preferred method involves attaching treatment to the walls and then covering the walls with an acoustically transparent fabric that matches the decor of the room. Using acoustic isolation allows the freedom to leave the volume control alone and let the movie play at the sound level the director and sound engineer intended. Acoustic isolation involves reducing or eliminating sound leaving the room as well as sound entering the room.


Harmony Audio Video Systems Group, Inc

Be it dedicated theaters, house wide A/V, Offices, Yachts or commercial systems, we work with clients, builders, sub trades and interior designers to come up with the best solution for the project. We don’t do “cookie-cutter” systems.


Harmony Audio Video Systems Group, Inc - mfroom

Everything from drop down television mounts to hidden projectors and screens to motorized speakers that mount flush when not in use. In many cases there are rooms in a house, office, or boat which are high traffic and used for a variety of purposes. In these cases it is undesirable to have bulky equipment that could get in the way or just generally be an eyesore.


Harmony Audio Video Systems Group, Inc - theater

We specialize in creating the ultimate theater experience which will leave you wondering how you ever experienced movies, television and games in the past. Other things we can do for your theater include full and, floating platforms or seating with,, and custom gaming solutions. Whether you have an existing space or are designing one from scratch we can accomodate.