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By: Hardwirellc  09-12-2011

Hardwire is a family of reinforcements made from ultra high strength twisted steel wires. It is a revolutionary material that affords end users the ability to put ultra high tensile strength steel (11 times stronger than typical steel plate) inside or outside just about any material. Simply worded, Hardwire is moldable steel. Hardwire can be molded into thermo-set, thermoplastics or cementitious resin systems with never before seen ease and it occupies a new reinforcement niche between fibers and steel rebar. This creates a new class of reinforcements, micro-rebar, that will work with composite, plastic, and cement based processes. Further, Hardwire can be used to upgrade steel, wood, or concrete structures in both new construction and in retrofit applications.

Composites made from Hardwire are up to 70% thinner and 25% lighter than composites made with glass fibers. When it comes to cost Hardwire is in a class by itself. Hardwire is priced like glass, yet performs like carbon at a fraction of the cost. Hardwire was literally born on the shop floor making it ideal for all types of molding operations, where ease of production has been designed in from the start. Because Hardwire can be molded with just about any resin you can then hybridize it with all existing commercial fibers.

Hardwire will open the doors to new material combinations and processes. Hardwire has been used to reinforce wood products using common wood adhesives, it has been used to reinforce thermo-set resins, saving weight, thickness, labor and eliminating costly quality problems like porosity, ply wrinkling and exotherms, and it has been laminated into thermoplastics that were simply too viscous to be reinforced with other fibers. Using Hardwire, boat builders can become ship builders, thermoplastic molders can make steel reinforced polypropylene and retrofit companies can now reinforce steel with even better steel instead of lesser materials.

Hardwire is also one of the world’s toughest and most blast resistant materials. Explosion tests performed by the United States Navy have proven that Hardwire reinforced urethane and polyureas can upgrade steel structures to provide significant blast protection.

Hardwire is available as single end rovings, or as unidirectional tapes. Hardwire cords come in three primary structures. Hardwire uni-directional tapes can be specified with wire cord counts from 4 to 20 wires per inch resulting in strengths ranging from 1.1 to 8 kips per inch. Hardwire uni-tapes are available in widths of 12” and lengths up to 2000 ft. Six miles of Hardwire tape can be produced every eight hours. All Hardwire material is shipped on spools that make handling the material on the shop floor a breeze.

Hardwire Composite Reinforcements are used in a variety of applications from flooring reinforcement, historical building restorations and retrofits, laminates in the boating industry and to strengthening bridges and buildings.


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Hardwire-Armor, Bridge Armor, Military Vehicle Armor, Composite Armor - armorstone

Common uses include government building facades, courthouses, libraries, museums, government buildings, utility infrastructure and other applications requiring ballistic and blast protection, while retaining a true architectural grade exterior. The goal of Hardwire ArmorStone is to provide architects, designers and owners a solution to the required protection for critical facilities without compromising aesthetics, access, budget or schedule.


Hardwire-Armor, Bridge Armor, Military Vehicle Armor, Composite Armor - mil armor

Stress on military vehicles from heavy steel armor, resulting in premature powertrain and suspension failures on many vehicles, and head trauma injuries sustained from the resonation of hits on steel armored vehicles are two central factors motivating Hardwire LLC's intense and continuing armor development programs.