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By: Hardwirellc  09-12-2011

Recognizing the necessity for solutions allowing architects to seamlessly integrate security elements into a structure without instilling the fear that often results from concrete or steel fortification, Hardwire LLC has teamed up with Cold Spring Granite Company - a leading quarrier and fabricator of building stone products - to develop a joint infrastructure armoring solution. The result, a ballistic and blast protective granite system called Hardwire ArmorStone.

Hardwire ArmorStone is a unique reinforced granite cladding system engineered for both new construction and retrofit facades. This patent-pending composition transforms granite's natural hardness into a high performance armored facade. It offers robust blast and ballistic protection without aesthetic compromise, excessive standoff or inelegant construction methods. The goal of Hardwire ArmorStone is to provide architects, designers and owners a solution to the required protection for critical facilities without compromising aesthetics, access, budget or schedule.

Hardwire ArmorStone meets and exceeds UL-752 performance level standards for ballistic rating Levels 1-8, and the National Justice NIJ-STD-0108,01 Standards as well as VBIED fragment protection, a first for a granite product.

As the first product of this type brought to market, Hardwire ArmorStone is positioned to become a leader in architectural grade protection. Common uses include government building facades, courthouses, libraries, museums, government buildings, utility infrastructure and other applications requiring ballistic and blast protection, while retaining a true architectural grade exterior.

Hardwire ArmorStone was selected by developers of a large water utility as a blast and ballistic protective solution who considered the catastrophic impact of a terrorist attack. This project was highlighted in the article link below.

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Hardwire-Armor, Bridge Armor, Military Vehicle Armor, Composite Armor - reinforcments

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Hardwire-Armor, Bridge Armor, Military Vehicle Armor, Composite Armor - mil armor

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