By: Hamilton Alliance  09-12-2011
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" I would like to thank you again for the outstanding work on our waste
removal for my properties.  Your company uncovered billing errors,
overcharges and service inefficiencies that I would have had no way of
discovering.Your expertise in dealing with the solid waste business has resulted in
substantial savings for my hotels.  True to your word, you accomplished all
of this with minimal involvement from my staff and no disruption to day-to-
day operations.Your diligence and commitment to success makes Hamilton Alliance a
valuable business partner.  I would highly recommend your services to any
company that is interested in reducing operating costs."General Hotels Corporation.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"This letter is intended to provide a glowing business referral for Hamilton
Alliance, Inc.When Jim Edwards came to us with his offer to help improve our waste and
recycling program, I realized right away that we had nothing to lose but stood
to benefit from his industry experience.After an audit of what we were currently doing, Jim and his team presented a
plan that just made good common sense.  Then they did all the work and
handled all the details to put the plan in place.I m pleased to report that due to our relationship with Hamilton Alliance, our
operation is now more efficient and even better they were able to produce a
revenue stream for us that didn't exist before.Jim and his people at Hamilton Alliance have exceeded our expectations.  
They are a pleasure to do business with and we look forward to a long and
profitable relationship with them.I would highly recommend any company to take advantage of Hamilton’s No
Risk offer.These guys are good."Accurate Outsourcing
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"I wanted to take the time to thank you for a job well done.  I was Skeptical
whether you would be able to  find a significant amount of savings in our
waste disposal.  I say this because I spent an enormous amount of time
trying to accomplish what your company achieved."Davidson Industries, Inc.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"This program has been very successful for Marsh Supermarkets and
Village Pantry."Marsh Supermarkets
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Jim Edwards and his staff effected reductions that are saving Western
Select more then 40% of its previous expenditures.I would recommend any company interested in reducing its operation costs
to consider Hamilton Alliance.  There is no downside to its program."Western Select Properties
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Hamilton Alliance did everything they said they would do and have been very
professional to work with.  Not only did they reduce our monthly waste bills
but they also negotiated much more favorable terms and options for us to
exercise in the future.  All of this could not have been accomplished without
their working knowledge and expert insight of the waste industry.I would highly recommend the service of Hamilton Alliance to any company.Landmark Properties
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Our company retained Hamilton Alliance to look for cost savings in our
waste accounts and the results were well beyond expectations!This reduction was realized because Hamilton Alliance is a company that
knows how the waste industry works.  They knew what to look for and how to
best fit the right service and equipment for our needs.  Best of all, they did
their work with very little involvement from our employees.Hamilton’s service for our company has been very successful and we could
not have achieved these results with out them. They are very professional to
work with and I strongly recommend them to any company interested in
reducing its costs. "Kipp Brothers
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"I would like to express my appreciation to your company for the outstanding
work you did on our waste removal services at our hotels.  As is the case with most companies these days, we strive to run our
business as efficiently as possible without sacrificing customer service.  
Your program is a perfect fit for this objective.  Your audit was unobtrusive to
our operation yet extremely effective.  You were able to discover
inefficiencies that we had overlooked for quite a while.  The results of your program have been a pleasant surprise.  Your work
produced substantial month–to-month savings and you also put everything
in place to control our future costs for years to come.I would highly recommend your service to any company interested in
reducing and controlling future costs."Dora Brothers Hospitality Corporation
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"This letter is intended to provide a strong recommendation for Hamilton
Alliance.  We recently contracted with Hamilton to audit our waste and recycling
services and the results of their work is well beyond any expectations we
had.  Hamilton Alliance conducted a complete audit of our properties and
developed a plan for us that only waste and recycling industry experts could
have realized.  We are pleased to report that this program resulted in over 25% reductions
of our waste removal costs!  Hamilton accomplished all of this with no
disruption to our business and we were very impressed with the detail and
professionalism of the program.As an added benefit, Hamilton Alliance now audits and consolidates our
monthly invoices and handles any issues concerning waste service for our
company.   This is a great value added feature that saves us both time and
money.I highly recommend Hamilton Alliance to any company.  Their program can
only result in savings and they are very committed to what they do.  "Focus Hospitality Services

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Keywords: Waste