UV LED Light Source, Hamamatsu

By: Hamamatsu  09-12-2011

  • UV-LED emits at 365 or 385 nm
  • High output intensity: 250 mW/cm2 at 365 nm
  • High output intensity: 325 mW/cm2 at 385 nm
  • 9 LEDs with individual light adjustment for tailored profiles

The LC-L3 is comprised of an LED driver (part #: C11196 series), LED head unit (part #: L11197 series), and head unit cable (part #: A11198 series). Various options for each part are available. Choose a combination of driver, head unit, and cable from the available options to create your customized LC-L3. You may also select from our packaged combination models (part #: L11195 series), which are available in various configurations.

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