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By: Halifax Pop Explosion  09-12-2011

ZOMG! Where to begin!? THANK YOU to all of the bands, fans and festival sponsors for creating such an amazing festival vibe over the last five days. We owe huge support to all of our great venues, amazing volunteers and festival staff for doing an incredible job over the course of the week. Attendances numbers were great, the festival had a real energy to it, and talk about a week of amazing music!!

Many of you have already started to post photos, videos and recordings from Halifax Pop Explosion online! We strongly encourage you to post and check out our Facebook fanpage linked , or our twitter account right . Thanks!

The 2010 festival staff is ready for bed, and we’re already dreaming up a bunch of rad ideas for the HPX 2011. It was an absolute pleasure from our end and we hope that all of you had an amazing experience discovering new and exciting music in Halifax.

Get involved with your local music scene by attending shows on regular basis, volunteering your time, starting a band, writing reviews, etc… The effort that you put forth will go along way into building a bigger and better HPX in the years to come!

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We need:* stage managers* house managers* drivers with their own car* snipers (people who poster and drop off handbills and program guides throughout Atlantic Canada)* for that matter, people with cars.


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We will be sending out a survey in the next few days to see what you thought. What worked, what didnâ??t, what you would change if you were in charge and what you would keep the same. HPX is your festival and we want you to keep us moving in the right direction so keep your eyes peeled for the survey and fill it out when it comes in.