By: Half Concordia  09-12-2011

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Hello to all Floaties,

My name is Axel, I was student on Concordia for the full year 2002-2003 and as bosun's mate for second semester 2009.

After the ship sank in february, like you, I was extremely saddened.The SV Concordia was our planet for a few months, and now lays on the bottom. While staring at the model I had built while a student, I started to wonder how many other alumni would like to have a replica of the ship we called home.  After weeks of research, hard work and perseverance, I finally could create a mold of the hull and I now handcraft models of the vessel.

I cast these each model by hand and put lots of time, energy and love into each piece. I hope in that way to keep the intention very high and strong for the rebuilding of a boat in every person's mind and heart. "Close to the eyes, close to the heart" as they say.

Your feedback about this project and idea or any other suggestion is very welcome, so please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you

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