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By: Halcyon  09-12-2011
Keywords: Datacenter, Performance Reporting

The datacenter infrastructure of all IT enterprises consists of both hardware and software components such as desktops and servers, storage, networking devices, operating systems, databases, and applications. Datacenter Monitoring is the proactive monitoring of each of these components to ensure the healthy continuous operation of critical business services and the underlying infrastructure. Enterprises depend on their mission critical business services on a daily basis. When a business service or application degrades or fails it causes downtime which can be very costly. Proactively monitoring the health of the components that make up the business service enables organizations to not only become immediately aware of problems but to also predict potential problems that may occur in the future.
Business as usual. Enterprises can rest assured the continuous operation of their business meets or exceeds their expectations. By minimizing downtime and decreasing outages, business services are highly available thereby generating increased revenues for the organization.
Halcyon's Datacenter Monitoring solutions enable IT enterprises to proactively monitor the health, performance, and availability of their entire datacenter infrastructure. In addition to near real-time proactive health monitoring, our solutions also provide performance reporting, automated corrective actions, email notification and . To view solutions currently available for monitoring the datacenter, please refer to our page.

Keywords: Datacenter, Performance Reporting

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