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By: H2o Landscaping  09-12-2011

Choose a garden design theme and style for your design.
A number of factors influence the suitability of a garden design theme. A garden design style is a characteristic way in which a garden is designed. Examples of different styles are; Formal garden, Japanese garden, Cottage garden, etc.

A garden design theme is the topic for the garden, for example roses, white and pink, water wise, etc. So for each style of garden, you may choose a variety of themes to make it personal.

Determine Your Hard Landscaping Needs.
Hard landscaping items are things like walls, pathways, gazebos, greenhouses, water features and fountains. They are essential elements of a garden. They provide items for human comfort and entertainment.

Water features, ponds , fountains and statues are excellent focal points in a landscape. Terraces are not only functional in soil retention, but also provide a perfect stage for displaying your favorite plants.