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By: H-j Enterprises  09-12-2011
Keywords: Tin Plating

The standard brass casting alloy for spades and terminal bodies is C84400 unless noted.

The standard bronze casting alloy for eyebolts is C95500 unless noted.

Standard aluminum alloys used are tenzalloy and 356T6.

Conductors (studs) are made from wrought copper C11000 unless noted.

Other high conductivity and high strength cast alloys are available, please inquire.

Tin Plating: All external components for the transformer industry are typically tin plated.

For items not tin plated you will be asked to add TP after the part number if you require tin plating.

Gaskets: All gaskets are Nitrile Buna N.

Porcelain: All porcelain, unless specifically noted, is wet process, Munsell B5G 7.0/0.4 gray.

Dimensions: All dimensions shown in the catalog are for reference. If you need additional or detailed dimensions please ask for drawings.

Current carrying capacity: Copper studs 2" and M48 and smaller are produced at H-J by thread rolling. Actual copper diameters are listed along with the thread size produced so you can accurately determine the current carrying capacity for your application.

All electrical ratings and related information are based on industry standards at sea level. It is the customers responsibility to select a product that is suitable for their particular application. It is the customers responsibility to test and confirm the correct product application. H-J Enterprises, Inc. makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the fitness of any product for any particular purpose or use.

The following attachment tools for wrenches are available for sale:

Keywords: Tin Plating