Complete Solutions

By: Gypsum Technologies  09-12-2011

Our complete turn-key solutions for automated board plants can include building design, equipment supply, controls systems, project management, commissioning, and post construction support. We established a reputation in high-speed wallboard plants and have since made advancements into all areas of board production. We supply a full range of line speeds and can configure a plant to your specifications and budget. Our plant designs take you from raw gypsum to a high quality finished board, ensuring success each step of the process.

Our service continues with expert mechanical and electrical commissioning assistance, ensuring accelerated project startups with superior performance. We recognize the value of knowledgeable, accomplished commissioning teams that can get your business up and running faster. With Gyptech, your plant will be up and running in less time, your staff will be better trained, and you will be seeing a faster return on your investment.

We have extended the proven technology from our  mill equipment into the area of automated plaster processing. Gyptech can supply complete plaster plants including rock crushing, calcining, fine grinding, stucco cooling, classifying, and bagging. Building a  plaster plant with us means getting the same trusted quality and experience that Gyptech is known for. 

  • Combined processing for powder plants and plaster board
  • Optimized for raw material size and target powder size
  • Complete automated controls with  integrated HMI
  • Modern plant engineering with 3D plant layout

Other products and services from Gypsum Technologies


Mixer Forming & Additives

Our custom control logic integrates a number of unique process monitoring methods to automatically adjust and maintain recipe consistency. Gyptech supplies complete systems for wet and dry additives, BMA production and proven mixer and forming station designs. Superior stucco control ensuring a constant stable head at the forming plate and consistent board weights. We have experience with bulk additives as well as big bags and totes.


Mill & Waste Handling

From kettles to flash calcining, cage mills, hammer mills, ring ball mills and imp mills, our knowledge and experience in the industry allows us to design a system that best accommodates your individual requirements.


Dunnage Systems

Faster dunnage placement, presents an opportunity to modify the stacking sequence, resulting in a much wider window for stack removal by the fork truck. Incorporating industry leading robotics, this fully automated dunnage placement system has been optimized for existing pit stackers. So long as it is kept loaded with board and completed stacks are taken away. Creates no excess waste pieces, only dust collection is required.