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GWR Consulting Client Programmes

The following key services are provided to clients in order to ensure suitable management and administration of their respective HR component:

- Human Resources Programme
- On and Offsite Management Training and Development Workshops
- Management Information and Support Line
- Workplace Safety and Insurance Claims Management Programme
- Occupational Health and Safety Management Programme

Human Resources Programme

Whether the client is a small and expanding entity with no HR department or a large organization with an overburdened one, GWR Consulting will provide the tools, strategies and approaches necessary to effectively and efficiently support the company's HR function. GWR will:

- Create a customized employee policies and procedures handbook; personnel forms and a supplementary supervisory handbook that details the "how to's" and "do's and don'ts" of effective leadership and coaching;
- Design descriptive Job Summaries for all employee classifications;
- Design and provide consultation on the employee performance review process
- Design and/or update/revise a comprehensive employee wage and salary programme
- Consult on employee discipline and terminations to ensure that they are conducted appropriately and done in a well-documented manner in order to avoid litigation;
- Be available to provide assistance on other workplace/workforce matters;
- Advise on changes in employment laws, rules, regulations and guidelines, their impacts and effective dates;
- Confer with management regarding the initiation and implementation of new workplace/workforce initiatives.

Management Training and Development Workshops

Client organizations will be provided with timely, topical workshops and seminars that provide pertinent employee relations and employee law information and education which allow for effective and efficient management of the workforce.
These workshops and seminars may be custom designed and conducted off-site, on client premises as mutually agreed, video-conferenced or webcast via the Internet. Workbooks will be provided to workshop participants.

Professional Associations

Professional and trade associations are provided with customized presentations and workshops regarding both general and specific human resources management initiatives.

Management Information and Support Line

When an organization requires consultation on an emergent or long-term workforce/workplace issue or initiative, it must know that a skilled, experienced and expert professional is there for them. It also needs to know that their issue(s) will be addressed with thoughtful advice, guidance and support as well as the necessary tools, strategies and approaches necessary for a successful resolution. GWR Consulting provides such support, guidance and advice in a prompt, professional and timely manner that addresses the specific needs of each client.
Workers' Compensation Services


GWR Consulting offers educational sessions for managers and supervisors. Using an informal 'case study' approach to deal with real issues, GWR can customize workshops and seminars for your particular workplace.

Return to Work Policies

A sound return to work policy is essential to letting your employees know that you are serious about the impact of illness and injury on them and the workplace. Your return to work policy should reflect your company's values and the importance you place on retaining your trained and experienced workers. GWR Consulting will provide you with the tools to develop a policy for your company.

Physical Demands and Essential Duties

Employers must know how to describe jobs in terms of their physical demands so that workers with temporary or permanent disabilities can work without fear of further injury to themselves or others. Job descriptions often include numerous tasks which are not essential to getting the job done. GWR Consulting will show you how to develop an inventory of jobs, understanding the physical demands and essential duties of each. This information will be invaluable when a worker is ill or injured and work or the workplace must be modified.

Functional Ability Evaluations

A report on your worker's Functional Abilities is now a requirement under WSIB legislation. It is essential for you to know what the worker is physically able to do, so that you can provide suitable work consistent with those abilities. GWR Consulting will teach you how to obtain more useful functional abilities information, how to understand the terms used in functional abilities reports and how to apply the information you are provided to your workplace.

Modified Work and the Workplace

A safe and early return to work often depends on the employer's willingness and ability to provide temporary or permanent modifications to work or the workplace. GWR Consulting can give you an understanding of workplace ergonomics as well as where to find information about the array of assistive aids and devices which could help bring a worker back to the job.

Developing Return to Work Plans

The right plan for one worker will not neccessarily be the right plan for another. GWR Consulting will help you to bring together all the components of return to work planning so that you can develop a return to work plan for your ill or injured worker as soon as possible. You will learn how to design written plans that combine the needs of your workplace with the needs of your workers. You will also discover how to deal with unforeseen issues and changes in the worker's abilities.

Claims' Management

WSIB/WCB disability management is part of a larger picture that includes long and short term disability, lost time, and sick leave issues. Many of the approaches described below should be appropriately applied to these issues. GWR has substantial experience assisting employers in all areas of disability management. Such expertise will effectively manage your current claims needs.

The focus would be to work in collaboration with you to perform:

1. Historical review of accident and Experience Rating statements
2. Completion and submission of Form 7 and its initial adjudication
3. On-Going adjudication
4. Appeals
5. Training and policy knowledge
6. Continuous review of Accident Cost statements and Experience Rating statements
7.Continuous safety improvement

Occupational Health and Safety Programme

This will be a key factor in the prevention and control of injury and loss associated with Workplace Safety. Current laws and regulations have put the onus on employers to provide their workers with a safe work environment. The following training programmes and procedures to reduce safety incidents are available at your location(s):

- Occupational Health and Safety
- Prevention Training
- Basics of Supervision
- Motivating Safety
- Hazard Assessment
- Behavior Based Safety
- Roles and Responsibilities
- Safety Management Systems and Audits
- Effective Worker Orientation

A review is conducted by visiting your location(s) and interviewing key management and supervisory staff to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the current management of your Health and Safety programmes. An action plan will be provided to meet or exceed all existing health and safety regulations in order to ensure 'due diligence' and to maximize your Workplace Safety and Insurance Board costs and minimize employee injuries.

Clients are provided with a full range of Occupational Health and Safety services:

- Health and Safety Policies and Programme Development
- Job Safety Analysis
- Hazard Recognition
- Industrial Hygiene
- Workplace Inspections
- Employee / Supervisor / Managment Training
- Best practices researched for each client
- Employee involvement Programmes
- Health and Safety enforcement Programmes and Procedures
- Ready for Work Training Programme
- Health and Safety Communication Programme
- Ergonomic Procedures
- Slips and Falls Programme
- Progressive Discipline Health and Safety Policy
- Health and Safety Recognition Programmes
- Programme to Audit Health and Safety Activities

Executive Coaching

At times, an organization has a manager or executive in need of external coaching in order to ensure their continued or future success with the organization. Unresolved issues such as communication, leadership, conflict and/or time management, teamwork, performance, planning, culture, race or gender sensitivity are typical topics that often place the executive (or the organization) at risk. GWR Consulting can assist the executive in addressing these issues and coach them in identifying, selecting and implementing the best option, alternative or avenue(s) for changed behavior.

Seminars, Workshops and Presentations

The following seminars and workshops are offered to current and new clients. The average seminar length is 2 to 4 hours and is accompanied by participant workbooks, case studies, interactive break-out-sessions and training videos as appropriate. Many clients request a combination of seminars over a one to four day period. Seminars are also custom-designed to meet specific and unique client needs.

- WSIB Claims Management
- Disability Management and Return to Work
- Behavior Based Safety
- Health and Safety for Supervisors
- Alternative Dispute Resolution
- Labour Relations Strategies for Supervisors/Managers
- Progressive Discipline
- Seminar Schedule

Each workshop usually begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. There is - typically a one-hour lunch break and two 15-minute breaks, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Timeframe modifications that best suit client needs are, of course, possible. The client is responsible for consultant travel, lodging and meals.


The client company is encouraged to select at least two of the Management Seminar topics listed above to be presented that day. Workshops are interactive, topical and timely. The learning experience will be enhanced by a combination of lecture, educational video, realistic case studies and participant role-playing. These workshops will be tailored to underscore and highlight unique issues, initiatives and challenges specific to your workplace. There will be a Question and Answer period at the end of the session.


A Workbook will be provided to the client well in advance of the date of the scheduled workshop so that it can be copied and distributed to workshop participants.

Multiple Client - Joint Partnering

Oftentimes clients find it more economical to partner for management and staff development costs. When asked to conduct a workshop for employees of two or more employers, all attempts will be made to accommodate the joint request.
Each daily workshop can accommodate a maximum of 35 employees from the partnering organizations. GWR Consulting will work with a representative from the lead organization regarding workshop location and facilities. Each company will have a separate Letter of Understanding with GWR Consulting regarding their portion of the workshop fee.

Presentations and Speeches

The workshops and seminars listed above can also be tailored and customized for a condensed 1-2 hour presentation that will highlight the most relevant and pertinent aspects and components of the subjects to be discussed. There is no limit to the number of presentation attendees.
Again, clients are encouraged to select at least two topics to be presented. The topics presented will be relevant, interesting and informative. Specific subject matter and topics may be incorporated at the client's request.


Gary Robertson, Principal of GWR Consulting. Gary's presentation skills combined with his command of the subject matter and down-to-earth manner have won him accolades by such organizations as the Canadian Mechanical Contractors Education Foundation, Employers' Advocacy Council of Ontario, Wellington Medical Centre Group, Imperial Oil Limited of Canada and others.


Presentation fees vary depending on group size and requirements.

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