Faux Leopard Curly Sue Dog Bed

By: Gw Little  09-12-2011

Simply Irresistible!


Little dogs and blankets are perfect partners – you just can't have one without the other. And with so many soft and stylish blankets and throws to choose from, you can't just have one either! You can use them for so many purposes: whether you want to wrap one around them on a frosty morning, lay one on the floor for them to play on, spread one out on the sofa for you both to cuddle up under, or keep them warm at night or in the car, get busy with the blankets!

And for all the guys and girls out there that like to get really serious about their snuggling, the new style "cuddle cups" will help them make the perfect nest. Your little dogs will know it means you love them, too. Just think how many times they'll look up at you when they're all warm and toasty, and try to tell you in their own doggie way:

"Thanks, Mom or Dad. You're the best!"

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