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By: Gunderson Design  09-12-2011

Mike Gunderson began his career working with financial services direct mail pioneer First Deposit Corporation. With a single branch location in New Hampshire, FDC became one of the country's leading providers of credit cards using only DM — introducing breakthrough creative and delivery formats, algorithmic list selection and extensive testing.

Building on this experience, Gunderson Direct went on to develop innovative direct mail, collateral, marketing and communication solutions for today’s industry leaders including, Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab & Co., Intuit, Barclays Global Investors, Visa Commercial, Union Bank, MasterCard International, and TD Ameritrade.

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Our Process - Step 3: Create

Our creative team takes all the foundational material — your value proposition, target audience demographics and ethnography, competitive analysis, strategic positioning and offers — and goes to work, leveraging all the information and data to create concepts, messaging and designs that accomplish the objectives.


Our agency offers many services including, direct mail marketing, copywriting, website design and programming and print productio

What we do is direct response, and we do it better than anyone through our deep expertise and smart, performance-driven strategy. We offer a full range of services from consultation through end-to-end strategic development. Whatever your DM goals, we can help you reach them.


Talent - Gunderson Direct

Unlike traditional agencies with a large full-time staff and monthly overhead, Gunderson Direct offers the full range of capabilities and services without all the pass-through expenses. We assemble the right team to meet the needs of each client, drawing on our roster of senior-level marketing, advertising and creative consultants with 10+ years experience, including.


Our Process - Step 1: Identify

Then we’ll work with you to craft a value proposition that serves as the cornerstone of how we position who you are, what you do and how you do it. What differentiates you from your competition. What makes your organization unique.


Our Process - Step 2: Strategize

We’ll examine your research with you to identify who your targets are and what makes them tick. What do you know about your target audience and the competitive environment.


Our Process - Overview - Gunderson Direct

Create on-target messaging and innovative design that build on your value proposition, strategy and offers to motivate readers to take action. Develop a strategy and offers to achieve your business objectives and reinforce your brand. Successful advertising and marketing are the result of a systematic process. At Gunderson Design, we work closely with you to. Analyze and quantify the results.