By: Gum B Gone  09-12-2011
Keywords: Kitchens, cleaning service, environmentally friendly

    Gum-B-Gone will arrive at your location and in a short time the gum, dirt and debris will start to disappear. Using steam and a small brush,we silently lift the gum, one spot at a time. This method will dissolve and remove the gum discretly, without the undue disruption of your business. We vacuum away any leftover water and residue, leaving the finished area almost completely dry.Our equipment is completely self-contained; no cubersome hose hook-up required and we supply our own water. Power options include the use of your 120V service on-site, or we can supply our own optional generator.Our interior cleaning service is an ideal choice for all ceramic tiled areas including: kitchens, washrooms, entrances, lobbies and office spaces. Restore ceramic, grout, and slate and to it's original brilliance! Our machine cleans and steam sanitizes, while our detergent is water soluble and environmentally friendly - Perfect for kitchens or restaurants! Also, very little water is used leaving no mess to clean up.

Keywords: cleaning service, environmentally friendly, Gum, Interior Cleaning Service, Kitchens,