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By: Guiding Light Video  09-12-2011

Kids Sing Praise Volume 1 (Ages 3-7)

"Sorry, this item is no longer available, is out of print!"

16 Action-Filled songs of Praise, Scripture and Sing-Along Fun. Join the Brentwood Kids as they play, share and sing about God's love in this action-packed video. Kids Sing Praise will teach your kids more about the joy of serving the Lord. Songs include: 1.Wanna 2.Rejoice 3.Give Me Oil In My Lamp 4.Noah (Arky, Arky) 5.Do Lord 6.Only A Boy Named David 7.He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 8.Be Thankful 9.I've Got Peace Like A River 10.Deep And Wide 11.Truth 12.Jesus Loves Even Me 13.If You're Saved And You Know It 14.I'm In The Lord's Army 15.This Little Light Of Mine 16.All Night, All Day
VHS/Full Color/Approx. 30 minutes
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Through the telling of the Easter miracle, both children and adults will learn to more easily recognize the presence of our risen Lord. An easy childrens' Easter musical, complete with characters, costuming suggestions, production notes, narration, scripture readings. Jesus not only died for our sins, but rose from the dead so that we can have eternal life with Him. Everybody Ought to Love Jesus.


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Once Upon a Time Shop focuses on an orphanage around the early 1900s where, under the watchful eye of "crotchety" caretaker Miss Curmudgeon, the children make clocks to earn their keep. Ideal for children's choirs of all sizes, this moving 45-minute musical features fun-to-sing new songs and heart-warming drama - perfect for performing any time of the year.