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By: Guardian Horse Bedding  09-12-2011
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Why Guardian Horse Bedding?

With new brands of bedding on the market today, why choose Guardian?

  • Guardian Horse Bedding has emerged as the bedding of choice throughout
    North America.
  • The manufacturing process is exclusive to Guardian Horse Bedding™
  • This process controls particle size and particle durability under hoof.
    This means a consistent, lower dust product than others on the market today.
    Many products will perform reasonably well for the first week or two.
    The quality of the bedding will show after this period.
  • The Guardian bedding will last longer under hoof with greater absorbency
    and lower dust levels.
  • The Equine respiratory system is very sensitive to airborne particles in certain size ranges.
    Our bedding is manufactured with the equine respiratory system in mind.
  • We use our products everyday in our own equine facilities and we control the quality of the product.
  • Other brands would suggest that you "mix the urine into the bedding" and only remove the manure. Common sense and Horse sense tells us that these folks must not be horse people!
    Remove your urine saturated bedding, remove the manure. The end result: a clean stall without odor.
  • It is important to know the species of wood used in a bedding.
    Many hardwoods are toxic to horses and the slightest content of those hardwoods can potentially cause irreversible health problems in the Equine athlete. The content of tannic acids and other toxins from hardwoods are too high a risk to take with our horses.Additionally, the density of hardwoods compared to most softwoods will reduce the
    absorption and coverage in the stall. This means you will use more hardwood bedding pound for pound over softwood.

When comparing price to other brands, remember, our bag is 40 pounds. Many other brands are 30, 33 and 35 pounds. Pound for pound, we consistently provide the best pricing for the best bedding product.

What more could you ask?

Guardian Horse Bedding

Horse, human and environmentally friendly.

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