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The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) recently published the results of a survey taken among ASE-certified technicians on the subject of vehicle maintenance. Nearly half the technicians polled (48%) indicated that they "always" tell their customers about the importance of vehicle maintenance, while these same technicians report that only 2% of motorists "always" follow their advice.Adding in the responses for "usually," the results are not much better. The vast majority of technicians (84%) said they "always" or "usually" explain the importance of maintenance, while only 29% of motorists "always" or "usually" follow technicians' advice.

"Considering the costs and complexity of today's vehicles, consumers are being penny-wise and dollar-foolish if they neglect routine maintenance," noted ASE president Ronald H. Weiner. Almost two-thirds of the technicians surveyed felt that consumers could take care of their vehicles' maintenance and repair needs for $500 or less annually. That's not a huge amount, considering the average cost of a new vehicle or the return on investment.So what items specifically are consumers neglecting? The old-fashioned oil change tops the list, followed by transmissions, tires, cooling systems, brakes, belts and tune ups/engine performance. The downside of all this neglect is shortened vehicle life, compromised safety and the likelihood of minor repairs becoming big-ticket overhauls.
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Automotive Tips of the month :

Save Your Engine! Change Your Timing Belt! Timing belts are unseen and often forgotten. But if your timing belt breaks, it can result in serious damage to your engine. Most manufacturers recommend changing your timing belt every 60,000 miles, but some vehicles can go longer. If you are unsure, just give us a call and we can confirm that for you.From now until December 30, 2010, if you need your timing belt changed, schedule an appointment with us and mention this article; we will deduct $25 from your invoice!

Heavy Keys Can Mean an Auto Repair Bill Take a look at the key ring you are using to hold your vehicle's ignition key. How many other keys do you have hanging there? More than 5 or 6? Do you have charms, a flashlight, perhaps a bottle opener on the ring? How about the mini plastic scan cards from all the stores you frequent? Your childs photo? A cute, stuffed animal? It’s amazing how many of us, use our key ring as a place to collect mementos and other gadgets we are fond of or want to have immediate access to.Having a large and heavy key ring may make it easier to find in your purse, but there is a critical down side. Over time, that heavy key ring swaying to and fro from your ignition, will wear down the tumblers in the lock and cause problems with starting your car. The worst case scenario is when your car won’t start at all. .The best way to solve this potential problem is to keep your ignition key on a detachable ring from your other keys and paraphernalia. That way, when you get in your vehicle, you can simply detach the key for use while you are driving. More and more vehicles today use the remote keys, but if you still have to put your key in an ignition slot, be mindful of the weight of your key ring and the possible damage it can cause. The cost to replace your ignition tumblers is not cheap, but something you can easily avoid.


Traction comes from your tires gripping the road. No grip, no traction. Traction is important not just for stability but for steering and braking as well. Tires are among the most important and least understood components of your vehicle. Proper inflation, the differences between snow and all season tires, tire and tread types, it can be confusing to the average driver. However, Guaranty Auto in conjunction with Vianor Tire, is here to help. We can explain all these things and help you select the right tires for your vehicle. Stop into or telephone either location for a tire quote and explanation today!


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