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By: Gt Software  09-12-2011
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Ivory offers a suite of industry-leading mainframe integration and data access tools that improve operational responsiveness by simplifying and accelerating access to mainframeapplications, data and processes. 

Using Ivory, developers can seamlessly integrate the mainframe with new technologies like mobile banking, web-based portals, business intelligence, business process management and packaged applications. Mainframe integration makes your mainframe relevant today.

See how easy mainframe integration can be!

Ivory Service Architect enables you to extend access to mainframe applications, data and processes through web services — with no code written, generated or changed and no additional MIPS usage. Plus, using Ivory Service Architect for mainframe integration requires minimal training and offers instant deployment. Ivory helps integrate all your mainframe assets, regardless of underlying platforms, languages and data formats.  

Ivory Data Access allows you to quickly unlock the information stored in mainframe data sources through SQL- or web services-based access for data-centric mainframe integration. Read, write, update and delete data easily and securely — in real-time. Using a simple wizard-based configuration and no coding, you identify the target data source and Ivory Data Access finds the system and automatically builds the connectivity path.  

Ivory VisualConnect enables you to put an intuitive, graphical front end onto 3270 or 5250 green screens. Mainframe access becomes possible through a standard browser interface without changing the back-end application. When used with Ivory Service Architect, developers can incorporate Ivory-based web services in Ivory VisualConnect 3270/5250 applications. 

Ivory BMS/TS is a powerful BMS screen generator that enables you to reduce by 80%-90% the time it takes to build, edit and maintain BMS maps without being connected to the mainframe. Ivory BMS/TS offers intuitive, drag-and-drop map development using a graphical user interface. 

Assist/TS allows you to provide screen or field level help screens to 3270 applications without coding or code changes. Easy to configure and use, it enables the replacement of outdated and inflexible help systems.

Keywords: Ivory, mainframe, Mainframe Integration, web services,

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GT Software Solutions Overview | Mainframe SOA Integration

Real-time data synchronization allows an organization to develop new applications with confidence knowing that the data in the applications is up-to-date with data in the mainframe business applications. The Ivory Server for Linux on Systems z allows you to offload 100% of your SOA and web services work load – meaning that mainframe integration has zero impact on your general purpose processor.