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By: Groton Biosystems  09-12-2011

Steam-in-Place (SIP) for Online Sampling from Bioreactors and Fermentors

Option for the ARS-M Automated Sampling

Frequent, accurate, and timely monitoring of the contents and conditions of a bioreactor/fermentor and the progress of the culture/fermentation is a necessity in modern biotechnology facilities. 

The Groton Biosystems Automated Sampling Systems are designed to completely automate the extractive sampling processes now performed manually in most, if not all, biological facilities to acquire, for assay, filtered media or full cell containing samples.  The ARS-M is a programmable valve system with an internal Clean-in-Place (CIP) module that completely automates the extractive sampling, sample transfer, and interim sample storage requirements of the modern biological facility.  The ARS system can be scaled from liter size development reactors to the largest production reactors now in use.

The ARS performs all functions of sample acquisition, transfer, assay, and/or sample storage without contamination of the bioreactor(s).  This requires particular attention to the detail of the physical interface between the bioreactor and the ARS system proper.  To achieve this goal, Groton has designed multiple interfaces to accommodate the scale and media characteristics of the reactor.

The Steam-in-Place (SIP) option for the ARS-M Automated Sampling System provides a sterile steamable interface via pneumatic valve control from the vessel to the iRIM (Remote Interface Module) of the ARS-M.  This will allow automation of manual steam-in-place protocols.  The ARS sample cycle controls the operation of the cleaning protocols.

Steam-in-Place (SIP) Sampling Options
    *Component noted with an * must be purchased from Groton Biosystems.

Part Number


B99-0056 *SIP Option Controller – One License per ARS-M System
B99-0066 *SIP Control Module -  One per Reactor
Choose 1  
B99-0057-1.0 *SIP Transfer Line .040” Tubing – One SIP transfer line kit required per Reactor
B99-0057-1.5 *SIP Transfer Line .062” Tubing – One SIP transfer line kit required per Reactor
B99-0042 SIP, Steam Valves –  Requires one set per Reactor (Set contains 4 valves) - Does not include Keofitt Sample Valve
B99-0050 SIP, Automated Keofitt Sampling Valve – Requires one per Reactor
B99-0055-40 Pneumatic Keofitt Actuator 40mm - if customer has appropriate manual Keoffitt Sampling Valve
B99-0055-52 Pneumatic Keofitt Actuator 52mm- if customer has appropriate manual Keoffitt Sampling Valve
B99-1056 License, Groton Biosystems SIP Process Technology for Third Party Use – License for use of SIP Process Technology developed by Groton Biosystems LLC (patent pending), required for each ARS System when Groton Biosystems’ software and hardware are not used for SIP control.  Requires B99-7003 – OPC, Remote Control of ARS System Software Option

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Groton Biosystems - sampling ars assay interfaces

Online Analysis Options and Sample Collection The ARS-M can interface to HPLC Systems, Nutrient Monitors, Cell Counters as well as collect samples directly to the Groton Sample Collector for post run analysis. When interfacing to analytical instruments the ARS-M delivers the sample to the instrument, triggers the analysis, and displays and logs the results. The ARS-M automatically cleans and prepares the transfer line for the next sample.