By: Groove Moves  09-12-2011

There's almost nothing we haven't moved and almost no venue we haven't seen the inside of!  We discuss every job in detail and consider the needs of our varied clients to reach a fair price for such services as....

We provide p.a. systems for speeches, d.j.'s, small bands or large bands.  We also deliver and setup your sound system or just drop it off and pick it up at the end of the night.  We know all the venues in the G.T.A. and surrounding areas and we also know what a pain it can be getting in and out.  We save you the stress in what can sometimes be an already stressful situation.  Just show up and play or show up and do your own cabling.  All prices reflect the service that we provide; we are here to make the event flow more smoothly and within your budget.  We also provide quality sound engineers and can provide different types of lightning for your events.  We will do whatever it takes to make the event a success.

  • cartage and set up of full backline; drums, guitar and bass amps., and keyboards
  • short-term storage of full backline
  • rental, cartage and set up of full backline

Since our clients have studios and small offices, it didn't take long before we were getting requests to move these spaces!  We can put together a plan for the move, pack, clean, provide short-term storage, unpack, and organize your new space.  Any or all of these services can lighten your load and make your move easier.  Like other services, price will be determined on a client by client basis.