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By: Grip Studio  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cameras

Text3D is a tool

While we would like to believe that it is a 'fun application', we've designed it to be a useful utility.

For that reason 'coolness' was sacrificed to obtain the most fluid operation during 3D scene editing. We have calculated number of taps required to build a scene in a number of interface layouts and final decision went in the direction of ease of use. Hence we have a three line functional box. For the same reason we track only horizontal finger slides in the display view.

With Text3D you can create a 3D scene where objects are letters or flat surfaces

The product offers capability to edit colour, shininess and transparency of each letter

  • You can move scene elements in all three directions.
  • You can rotate scene elements along all three axes.
  • You can also scale elements along three basic axes

Lights have three basic parameters: intensity, angle, intensity distribution (exponent)

  • You can also move and rotate lights along all three axes
  • You can look at your scene through one of four cameras
  • Three basic cameras are initially placed along each of three axes
  • The fourth camera can be placed at a currently selected light. This way you can evaluate how the light is positioned and directed

Keywords: Cameras