Available piano services

By: Greyco Piano  09-12-2011
Keywords: piano, Tuning

Tuning - Attaining a desired pitch.  In piano tuning this is produced through means of changing the tension of the strings. Historical Temperaments including EBVT available upon request.

Repair - To restore damage to acceptable working condition.

Regulation - Interrelated adjustments which maximize a piano keyboard's power range, repetition, control, and evenness.

Voicing - A part of Tone Regulation which involves changing the density of a piano hammer to achieve a desired timbre or tonal spectrum.

Touch Weight - Regarding  the balance of the key, whippen, and hammer as affected by inertia, friction, and  mass.

stringing - Replacing the strings of the piano.

pinblock replacement - Removal, duplication, and reinstalling of the pin-block (multi-laminated hardwood block drilled out to accommodate the tuning pins).

action parts replacement - hammers, shanks, flanges, whippens, key-tops, bushings, and action felt

Keywords: piano, Tuning