0.9-2.7 Ton Mini Excavators from Caterpillar Inc

By: Greenindustrypros  09-12-2011

  • The 300.9D weighs in at just 2,061 pounds, making it the smallest machine in the Cat range. With an overall width of just 28.7", this machine is capable of driving through a standard doorway, providing easy access to the most confined job sites.

  • With an operating weight of 2,921 to 3,340 pounds, depending on specification, the Cat 301.4C fits into the lineup below the current 301.8C, extending choice in the popular 1.5-ton market. The machine is available with a choice of cab or FOPS/TOPS canopy, and with standard or extending width undercarriage.

  • Tipping the scales at 5,681 pounds with a canopy and 5,886 pounds with full cab, the 302.7D CR is the lightest Cat compact-radius model, making it easy to transport for a rental company or contractor. Powered by the same proven 24-hp engine as the 301.4C, the machine boasts a load-sensing hydraulic system, providing a maximum bucket force of 5,058 lbf and a maximum stick force of 3462 lbf.

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    EFI Mowers from The Toro Company

    Toro’s Z Master Professional 5000/6000 Series and GrandStand mowers now include EFI (electronic fuel injection) models. Kohler engine with a closed-loop EFI, allowing engine to adapt to load, weather, fuel and altitude changes. Can save owners up to 25% on fuel costs.


    Z Master Commercial 2000 Series from The Toro Company

    Incorporates the best features of the consumer-grade Titan MX and commercial-grade Z Master 3000 Series mowers. Toro says its Z Master Commercial 2000 Series is ideal for part-time landscapers and acreage owners. Kawasaki FX engines with heavy-duty air cleaners.


    TurnAer XT5 from TurfcoDirect

    Patented steerable aerator technology with a new variable-speed hydrostatic drive system, making it reportedly 50% more productive than traditional aerators. New weight system allows operators to adjust the weight in the back of the aerator, improving hill performance and control on hills. Now with increased speed and a new weight system, the XT5 is more efficient and performs better on hills.


    T3000i Series Spreader Sprayer from TurfcoDirect

    Turfco's T3000i series, featuring intuitive upgrades for increased productivity and durability, is small enough to fit through a 36" gate in residential yards, yet productive enough for large commercial properties, resulting in easier route management and increased efficiency.


    30-in Dual Hydro Stand-On Aerator from The Toro Company

    Electronic controls allow the operator to raise and lower tines instantly for quick zero-turn maneuvers without taking hands off the controls. Integrated hydraulics follow the contours of the ground to pull even plugs over hills and soft ground without tearing up the turf. The Toro 30-in Dual Hydro Stand-On Aerator applies up to 1,200 pounds of down pressure on the tines to pull up to 5” cores.


    21-in Single Hydro Aerator from The Toro Company

    Wide unibody frame with 10-gauge steel construction and outboard drive wheels for a low center of gravity and enhanced hillside stability. Toro’s 21-in Single Hydro Aerator works up to 4 mph to cover 0.8 acres per hour.


    20-in Slit Seeder from The Toro Company

    The Toro 20-in Slit Seeder is a three-in-one machine capable of power seeding, dethatching and verticutting—all while handling like a self-propelled mower. 10 blades are made of high-carbon annealed and press-tempered steel that can handle abuse with chipping or bending. Holds up to 40 pounds of seed, allowing operators to seed up to 8,000 square feet without refilling. Allows for tight, one-handed turns—even on hills.