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By: Green Home  09-12-2011

Our team has reviewed most of the major air filters on the market, and we are proud to offer and recommend the Air Pura and Austin lines. Air Pura and Austin make the most effective, cost effective and energy efficient environmental air filtration devices on the market. They are professional, industrial strength air filters which we sell at consumer prices.

When choosing an environmental air filter, consider which pollutants you want to remove, and what problem you are attempting to correct. Some filters remove outgassing vapors produced by toxic products and some remove particulates such as dust mites and allergens. Most environmental air filters attract and neutralize pollutants either through mechanical filtration (such as High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance [HEPA] which is best for particulates) or through activated carbon, which absorbs pollutant gases. Read the descriptions for the different filters we offer and decide which one meets your needs.

To maximize your filter's effectiveness, place it in an area away from windows, vents, heating and cooling appliances, and other direct sources of air. Clean your filter often to avoid mold and mildew buildup and ensure maximum air purification.

Airpura C600 (Chemically Sensitive) Air Purifier


Airpura P600 (VOCs and Chemicals) Air Purifier

From $29.98

Airpura R600 (Regular) Air Purifier

From $29.00

Airpura T600 (Tobacco) Air Purifier

From $57.00

Airpura UV600 (Ultra-Violet) Air Purifier

From $29.00

Airpura V600 (Airborne Chemicals) Air Purifier


Allerair Air Purifier 5000 DS - Smoke

From $59.98

Allerair Air Purifier 5000 DS UV- Smoke

From $59.98

Allerair Air Purifier 5000 Exec

From $39.98

Allerair Air Purifier 5000 Exec UV

From $39.98

Home Air Filtration System - Yearly Pack

From $98.00

Home Air Purifying Filter

From $26.00

Indoor Air Quality Test Kit

From $24.00

Respro Techno Anti Pollution Mask

From $38.00

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