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By: Green Acres Equestrian Farm  09-12-2011
Keywords: Shoe, Water Buckets

Hay and Purina grains are fed twice a day. Custom feeding programs can be arranged if necessary. Supplements that you provide are given as directed on the container or as directed by the vet or farrier.

Water buckets are dumped daily and scrubbed out weekly. All horses are watered at least twice a day at feeding time. More water can be given depending on the individual horse’s needs. Pasture troughs are checked daily and filled up as needed. They are scrubbed out weekly along with the water buckets.

Stalls are cleaned once a day unless the horses have had to stay in due to foul weather and then they are cleaned twice on those days.

Horses will be turned out daily in semi-private or private paddocks. Paddock sizes range from a ¼ acre and up. The farm is a total of 10 acres.

There is a mandatory worming program along with a mandatory vaccination list. Fly protection is also included. We also have a blanketing schedule in the winter. We will put leg protection on your horse for turnout at your request.

We check for lost shoes on a daily basis, and we will call you if we notice that your horse has lost a shoe or if it is noticeably loose (i.e. clanking shoe when the horse walks). We will not turn out horses that have lost a shoe until the farrier comes out to fix it. We request that you provide us with a jar of your ointment of choice so that we can apply it to any scrapes that your horse may acquire during play time.

Keywords: Shoe, Water Buckets

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