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By: Great Palm  09-12-2011
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Benefits & Applications
Palm oil, a well-balanced healthy edible oil is now an important energy. Today it is widely acknowledged as a versatile and nutritious vegetable oil, trans fat free with a rich content of vitamins and antioxidants. The commercially grown oil palm is the highest oil bearing crop in the world. A palm bears 8-12 fruit bunches annually, each weighing 15-25 kg and containing 1000-3000 fruits. The oil palm fruit is unique in producing two oils. Palm oil is obtained from the fleshy mesocarp and palm kernel oil from the seed, usually in a ratio of ten to one. Crude palm oil which is orange red in color is refined, bleached and deodorized to produce the universally known bright golden oil. Palm oilis a natural semi-solid oil. It is fractionated into a liquid olein and solid stearin to increase its versatility in food applications. Olein is mostly used asa cooking and frying oil. Stearin finds many applications in solid fat formulations & is extensively used in food processing.Palm kernel oil is used to make specialty fats for various food products. It is also an important raw material for the oleochemical industry.

Malaysia acquired palm from Nigeria in the 1960s. Today, Malaysia & Indonesia are the leading global producers.Nigerian Palm Oil industry is a subsistent one. The quality of Nigeria’s crude Palm Oil is low, mainly due to lack of technical expertise in Planting, Procurement and Processing Global demand in CPO is in the increase.

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