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By: Great Cfo Consulting  09-12-2011
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 Great CFO offers a wide range of services to you as our clients. You will get personalized and quality service that is based on your needs, resources, business vision, and business operating environments. We gauge our worth by the personal and business successes of our clients – you. We encourage you to have a comparison of our services with other providers to see which one can meet your requirements best.   

Accounting Professionals Job Search Services

We provide full services to assist accounting professionals in their job search. Our services include:

  • Review, revise, and edit cover letters and resumes
  • Preparations for interviews – technical skills demonstration and potential employer background research
  • Assisting on job tasks: consulting to ensure / improve performance

We have designed the following successful approach for this service:

  • Contact and book an appointment with one of our senior consultants
  • Bring your cover letter and resume with you to attend the appointment
  • Interview with one of our senior consultants
  • Get an assessment for your current professional goal
  • Decide your next steps for successful job research

Based on our assessment, we will provide our specific recommendations for you as one of followings:

  • Common areas which need improvement
  • Technical skills to be updated
  • Qualified and ready for job research

Once you qualified the requirements, we provide the full services to successfully assist you in getting your dream job, such as:

  • Posting research, provide / select matching job positions for you to apply
  • Assisting cover letter and resume editing/revising for application
  • Preparing the interview as per your qualifications
  • Conducting background research and interview focus points
  • Helping understand the business and providing three professional questions to ask or discuss during the interview
  • Consulting the requests for your new job during first month of your employment.

Controllership Management

Our designated professional accountants with many years’ CFO and controllership experiences are ready to serve you. We will provide the following professional services:

  • Provide systematic procedures/ work instruction for accounting/ financial management, set up the accounting system, and create customized management reports.

  • Review business accounting and financial transactions, records, and treatments for complying with GAAP. Perform period end and year-end for small – middle sizes business.
  • Prepare pre-auditing requirements for external situation, including PST, GST, Income Tax, and other regulations.
  • Review and assess Business financial situation, risk control, and comprehensive financial/ accounting analysis and presentations.
  • On-site and or off –site training of controllership management for Business.

Business Operation Improvements

Great CFO deploys a VPS analysis to assist you improving business operation efficiency, maximizing the returns of your resources. The VPS combines your business Vision, People, with your operating System to develop the unique management system for your unique business. Our senior consultants will:

  • Diagnoses Current Operating Processes: Using VPS to diagnose current processes and provide improvement solutions for you. The solutions might be:
    1. Relay out work flow,
    2. Restructuring Processes,
    3. Redistributing Job tasks,
    4. And / or re-organizing operation system.
  • Standardized Procedures Setup and Implementations: We will standardize the best practice procedures for you based on your unique business – your Vision, your employees – People, and your existing operation System. Our analysis will provide:
    1. Effective internal control,
    2. Operating standardization,
    3. Setup a mechanized measurement for continuing improvement.
  • KPI for Monitoring the Progress:  Our strengths are using VPS to:
    1. Identify the KPI - Key Performance Indicators according to the business actual situations,
    2. Setting up the performances evaluation matrix to measure the business growing and guide the business growing directions,
    3. Implement of the KPI matrix to manage business all aspects of operations, detail the measurable information collecting, analyzing, and special management reports designing,
    4. Define and focus on your business Key Success Drivers.
  • Operating System evaluation: We also provide the operating system evaluation, selection or upgrading, and on site/ off site training.
    1. Based on the vision and strategy of the business, evaluating the existing operating system and providing the detail business analysis to state the all requirements of your business,
    2. According to the cost-benefit analysis, detailing the comparisons of the systems selections and upgrading, including project planning, expenditures, milestones, timeline, and the risk assessments and protections,
    3. Customized the financial reports and management reports as per your requests and system information available,
    4. Providing on site or off site training before and after the system going on live.

Business Evaluations

Great CFO has earned its reputation for dealing with business acquisitions. We will provide the following services to ensure you succeed during the M&A processes.

  • For Seller:
    1. Structuring business operation and finance,
    2. Reclassifying or restating financial information and non-financial information,
    3. Preparing pre-closing Financial Statements,
    4. Conducting Buyer’s Preliminary Due Diligence.
  • For Buyer:
    1. Business Evaluation,
    2. Reviewing and preparing closing Financial Statements,
    3. Post Acquisition Management.
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Keywords: Accounting

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