Grayhill Communication Gateways

By: Grayhilloem  09-12-2011
Keywords: Industrial products, wireless networks, Oem Solutions

As industrial applications have moved from proprietary protocols to open protocols and from wired networks to wireless networks, the task of communicating with all of the devices in a system has become more complex. Whether you'd like to access your proprietary devices using Ethernet or extend a wired network using wireless communications, Grayhill OEM Solutions' understands the technologies and can develop innovative solutions that excel in industrial environments.

(Technology expertise areas) • Wired Networks
• Wireless Networks

We have designed and manufactured industrial Communication Gateways for proprietary DCS systems, wireless transmitters, PC to remote I/O and a variety of other applications.

We understand that industrial products operate in environments that are greatly different from consumer and commercial products. We can ensure your communications networks are secure, reliable, and fast, even in harsh surroundings, such as:

  • Electrically noisy and "dirty" environments
  • Overcrowded RF bands
  • Over long distances

Grayhill OEM Solutions looks forward to solving your most challenging communications problems.

Keywords: Industrial products, Oem Solutions, Wired Networks, wireless networks

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