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By: Gravic  09-12-2011
Keywords: Detect Bugs

Product Characteristics

Shadowbase Audit Reader analyzes and displays all audited database activities on your HP NonStop Server. It shows what your application transactions did, and when they did it, to your database files and tables, and it allows you to investigate how your data is being accessed. Both current and historical transactional information can be analyzed using a variety of search criteria.

Shadowbase Audit Reader uses your NonStop TMF audit trail files. It optionally reads "foreign" audit (audit generated on another system). S.A.R. supports both Enscribe and SQL I/O events. It also shows both before and after I/O images, as well as "undo" for aborted transactions. S.A.R. provides an application view by querying the NonStop SQL catalog when necessary.

With Shadowbase Audit Reader you can:
  • Understand how your applications and the file system are affecting your database.
  • Find long-running transactions, and transactions that have damaged your database.
  • Recover lost or corrupted data (when used with the optional Shadowbase components).
  • Find transactions matching almost any given criteria, like those setting an account balance to values below or above thresholds.
  • Detect bugs in applications by analyzing transaction contents.
  • Isolate application performance bugs by understanding the audited disk activity.

Keywords: Detect Bugs

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