John Brookfields Battling Ropes Training System

By: Grapplers Gym  09-12-2011

John Brookfields Battling Ropes Training System

The Battling Ropes System is a complete strength and conditioning program like no other. The Battling Ropes System was created and developed by John Brookfield. John is a multiple world record holder and the author of the popular book "Mastery of Hand Strength". John spent over a year developing this system strictly for himself. He was using this advanced training system to skyrocket his strength and stamina to new heights, despite the fact that John has just turned forty-seven years old. John has continued to improve setting new records that require strength, endurance and mental toughness (See John Brookfield's Bio).

After using the Battling Ropes for his own personal goals, John decided to show the basics to a few of his friends. They thought that this system was simply the best due to the incredible results that the system produces. The key word here is RESULTS.

These results will come to absolutely anyone who trains on the Battling Ropes. The system allows the world-class athlete or competitor to push their limits to the point of failure in a safe manner. However, the Battling Ropes System allows the average person wishing to lose a few pounds and get in better shape a user-friendly workout as well. Simply put, the Battling Ropes can be used by anyone regardless of their goals. The reason for this is because you control the system, it does not control you. The system is the airplane and you are the pilot. The Battling Ropes produce these incredible results, because they introduce you to two new elements. The first element will train your mind and body to maintain power over a greater period of time. This power is a combination of strength and explosiveness. This maintaining power will carry into any arena. Whether you are a swimmer, martial artist, runner, or a football player. You will be able to perform at your highest level for a much longer time due to the Battling Ropes. You will find yourself wanting to push harder and harder to climb to new levels. This training will give anyone great results whether your performance is a must in sport, military, law enforcement, or you simply wish to look and feel better. The key point to remember with the Battling Ropes System is that you will not only generate more power, but maintain the power over a much longer duration. The second element that is new to any training you have ever done before is the strength aspect of the Battling Ropes. This aspect will put you into a mechanical disadvantage. This disadvantage is completely safe, however, it produces maximum results. You will find yourself actually pushing and pulling at the same time. You will also find yourself doing an isometric while you are performing a full range of motion. With this strength system you will find that you will get the maximum results in the shortest period of time. You will also find that there is a constant tension throughout the exercises, unlike other types of strength training.

As you train with the Battling Ropes you will get a great aerobic workout. Once again you are in control of how hard and how long you workout.  You will quickly notice how the Battling Ropes Training will transfer into your sport or activity. You will not only have a lot of fun with your training, but you will also find yourself more motivated in general. This is due to the increased physical and mental discipline you will gain.

A few of the benefits of training with the Battling Ropes:

  • Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity

  • Increased power and strength

  • Increased power and strength for longer durations

  • Increased motivation and mental endurance

  • Increased performance in all areas of your life

  • Increased martial power and speed

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