GrailCoat » Waterproofing

By: Grailcoat  09-12-2011
Keywords: Waterproofing, Parking Structures

GrailCoat » Waterproofing

Because of its density, large water molecules can’t pass thru GrailCoat but water vapor can. GrailCoat products have a greater variety of uses than most waterproofing coatings. Additionally, its flexibility and crack resistance make it long lasting. Among the best uses for GrailCoat:

  • Marine waterproofing
  • Foundations and basements
  • Concrete floors, ramps, parking garages
  • Stucco-type applications
  • Deck & Roofs

Stucco-type Applications

The most frequent use of GrailCoat is as a stucco-type application that locks out water, salt air, salt water, ice and freezing rain.

When developers in Malaysia were deciding on an exterior coating for the luxury Taman Sri Tandop condominium project, they subjected all stucco-type coatings to rigorous testing. The conditions were challenging – high humidity, salt air, high winds (typhoons). In the end, they specified GrailCoat as the only acceptable coating.

Foundations and Basements

Below-grade in basements and foundations GrailCoat provides excellent waterproofing, and reduces basement dampness by allowing excess water vapor to escape.

Evidence shows that GrailCoat provides excellent insect resistance below grade. This is of particular interest to the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) industry, which has experienced insect damage in the Southeast.

Concrete Floors, Ramps, and Parking Structures

Concrete floors, ramps and parking structures are vulnerable to water damage in a variety of environments. Salt air and salt water are extremely destructive, as are ice and freeze/thaw cycles. All of these conditions are easily overcome by GrailCoat.

Deck Coatings

Initially GrailCoat was developed as a concrete sealer and coating, and proved to be an excellent deck coating, with outstanding durability over concrete and wood world wide. It is particularly useful for deck/roof structures (decking over garages, homes or commercial buildings.).

Roof Applications

GrailCoat works as a roof waterproofing material also. It has been used as a commercial roof material, a hazardous material encapsulate (to minimize risk on asbestos roofing), retrofit repair material, and for residential roofs, particularly flat roofs and deck/roofs.

Call us to see if your application is appropriate for GrailCoat.

What’s your challenge? Call us, even if your challenges are only longevity, economy, and waterproofing. You will be surprised at how little the best costs.

Marine applications

For years Universal Studios has used GrailCoat products to protect their water-based entertainment equipment watertight. GrailCoat has been approved as a flotation encapsulate for over twenty-five years and is the only alternative to concrete in many jurisdictions.

On docks and ramps, it not only waterproofs, but provides slip resistance and corrosion protection as well.

Keywords: Parking Structures, Waterproofing

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High Traffic Surfaces - DuraFlex applied as a top coat with embedded aggregates has proven to be a winner for parking structure surfaces and airport ramps subject to salt and other corrosives deposited by cars and trucks. These voids weaken the concrete and results in cracks and small holes in the surface when corrosives, water, and freezing water gets into these gaps, the material is eroded and the strength of the concrete is diminished.


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Because the material is waterproof, any moisture which gets behind the substrate, building either from the outside or the interior, becomes trapped, causing moisture problems in the structure. SIPs, ICFs, oriented strand board, plywood block, concrete, expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene and metal. GrailCoat makes a number of acrylic/concrete products, but far and away the most popular is stucco siding.


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Super Flex: the choice for hard vertical substrates - SIPs, OSB, plywood and concrete block. The choice for ICF, Sheet Foam, Decorative foam and balcony decks. Pail of liquid polymer and three 35 lb. bags of GrailCoatPowder. Pail of liquid polymer and four 35 lb. bags of GrailCoat Powder. Coverage per unit (3 coats): Walls: 140 sq. UNIT of SuperFlex is one 5 gal. UNIT of DuraSurf is one 5 gal.