GrailCoat » vs. Ordinary Elastomerics

By: Grailcoat  09-12-2011

GrailCoat » vs. Ordinary Elastomerics

Residential and Commercial

GrailCoat makes a number of acrylic/concrete products, but far and away the most popular is stucco siding. It fills the gap between ordinary stucco and elastomerics.

Ordinary stucco has a number of drawbacks.

  • Labor intensive
  • Cracks easily
  • Absorbs water
  • Very heavy, creating handling problems, shear strain on walls and flat surfaces, and injuries
  • Limitations to use, especially in high humidity or heavy rain environments
  • Finished product must be painted

Elastomerics can solve these problems. Elastomeric products are generally in only one or two thin coats, directly over most substrates. Since they are elastic, cracking is unusual. Typically, elastomerics are less expensive than ordinary stucco.

But elastomerics also have drawbacks.

  • Because the coat is thin, substrate irregularities are apparent in the finished product.
  • Because the material is waterproof, any moisture which gets behind the substrate, building either from the outside or the interior, becomes trapped, causing moisture problems in the structure.
  • Elastomerics are too fragile to be used as a deck covering and are delicate at sharp angles.
  • Often, fatigue cracking or stretching occurs over time (two or more years) when subjected to substantial thermally-induced substrate movement.

GrailCoat overcomes the problems of both systems.

  • Material cost is generally less expensive. Labor varies by region, site, height, access and equipment available.
  • Adheres to: SIPs, ICFs, oriented strand board, plywood block, concrete, expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene and metal
  • Breathes, allowing moisture vapors to escape, but prevents water penetration.
  • Excellent acrylic crack resistance.

GrailCoat has been in continuous use as a siding material for over 30 years on homes and businesses throughout the world. Typical installation is two coats over mesh as the base coat, followed by a texture top coat

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High Traffic Surfaces - DuraFlex applied as a top coat with embedded aggregates has proven to be a winner for parking structure surfaces and airport ramps subject to salt and other corrosives deposited by cars and trucks. These voids weaken the concrete and results in cracks and small holes in the surface when corrosives, water, and freezing water gets into these gaps, the material is eroded and the strength of the concrete is diminished.


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When developers in Malaysia were deciding on an exterior coating for the luxury Taman Sri Tandop condominium project, they subjected all stucco-type coatings to rigorous testing. It has been used as a commercial roof material, a hazardous material encapsulate, retrofit repair material, and for residential roofs, particularly flat roofs and deck/roofs.


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Super Flex: the choice for hard vertical substrates - SIPs, OSB, plywood and concrete block. The choice for ICF, Sheet Foam, Decorative foam and balcony decks. Pail of liquid polymer and three 35 lb. bags of GrailCoatPowder. Pail of liquid polymer and four 35 lb. bags of GrailCoat Powder. Coverage per unit (3 coats): Walls: 140 sq. UNIT of SuperFlex is one 5 gal. UNIT of DuraSurf is one 5 gal.