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By: Gordon Mcdowell  09-12-2011

This easily wasted an hour of my time. And made me ill thinking I was about to break our new sink just before I finished installing it. Hopefully helps a few other people.

Here is the owner’s manual for the UberHaus 80375034 Kitchen Faucet, on the subject of the “Hose Adapter”…

Such a satisfying conclusion required the removal of this plastic cap from the top end of the hose adapter…

…why they don’t mention that cap in the manual I have no idea. Felt like I was about to break something when I was pulling out the cap with pliers. It looks like part of the adapter.

Obviously, I’m not a plumber.

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While such a video archive (including transcription) would meet transparency expectations, YouTube does nothing to help citizens who are trying to monitor City Council activity in real-time. I’ve been told by a city employee Closed Captioning data is only available for live broadcast, and that City Council must approve its use for other purposes.