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By: Goodwin Performance  09-12-2011
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Do you need routine maintenance performed? We have the capabilities to do most anything that your snowmobile needs. It doesn’t matter which brand you have or what the problem persist, we take care of it for you. Engine repair, clutch rebuilding, suspension service, carb cleaning or any performance modifications you need, will be done in a professional and timely manner, so you don’t miss any riding time. Please call with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Shock Rebuilding

We feel this is a must! Your shocks are a high performance part of your snowmobile and they should be treated this way. It is these shocks that are taking the abuse when you are going over hills, over jumps, and through moguls, not your body. Over time this use causes oil to break down and/or causes seals to go bad, which results in a very "soft" or "flat" feel in ride quality. To prevent this we highly recommend your shocks are serviced approximately every 2000 miles or to manufacturers specifications to maintain the ride you expect. To get your shocks serviced, simply remove them from your snowmobile (reservoirs also) and ship them directly to us. Our basic service includes disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and reassembly with fresh nitrogen and new oil. Any seals, o-rings, wear sleeves, or other parts will be replaced if necessary.


All rebuilds include new seals, oil and nitrogren. We use TECH-SYN seals in all our rebuilds.

SS1-7001 Basic Shock $40.00
SS1-7002 Shock w/Reservoir $44.00
SS1-7003 Shock w/Reservoir & Remote Adjuster $52.00

SS1-7004 Arctic Cross Link System $100.00

A 10% discount for 4 or more shocks in any one shipment!

CALL or send us your shocks and see the difference!

Machine Shop Services

To complete your engine package we have the capabilities of offering porting, head cutting, boring, re-sleeving and crankshaft repair.  For a price quote please call us with your sled model and what service you may need.

Test & Tune Service

We now offer a test and tune service with our stalker ATS system. With this system we can run your sled and make changes and see actual results (good or bad) to see what's best for your actual application. We can overlay each run, to see actually what is going on and give you a graph to see your improvements.  We use this system in all of our Clutch tuning, a must if you want to perform.  Call for an appointment today!

Dynojet Service

After seeing the benefits of the Dynojet Chassis Dyno the last few years, we are now offering a performance service utilizing this "Tool."  Because this an actual "Chassis Dyno" we can see how the entire snowmobile drive train is working right in the shop - no snow required.

The Sled Dyno works by measuring track horsepower, which ultimately is what counts, it shows us not only horsepower, RPM, acceleration vs. time, but the condition of the clutches, complete drive train, and engine. When hooked up, we can evaluate the sleds entire condition, either from routine service or for all out performance development. If you have a problem that can't be found, a couple runs may produce results showing engine horsepower is low, clutches are worn out, a drive shaft is bent or incorrect gearing. Or for the person with performance in mind, we can monitor track horsepower changes, when installing engine modifications, a clutch kit, or gearing changes, which will pinpoint your gains. We could go on telling the benefits received, but we don't have the room.  :)

Make an appointment for your sled and you will see for yourself.

$325.00 for up to 4 runs

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Keywords: engine, Sleds, snowmobile