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By: Goodwill Industries International  09-12-2011

Stop in frequently. Most stores have a constant turnover of merchandise on a daily basis.

Some shoppers like to bring in a seamstresses’ tape measure because sizes are not consistent between brands and sizes have changed through the years. This will ensure the items you purchase fit.

Some shoppers also like to bring an eraser to test silver items.

Find out store policies on markdowns, holds and the methods of payment your Goodwill accepts. If policies aren’t posted, ask the sales staff about them.

At Goodwill Outlet stores, merchandise is generally rotated multiple times per day with an even more robust rotation. Merchandise is often times displayed in lots and in bulk. These lots rotate in a first-in first-out rotation and items are generally purchased by the pound. Some Goodwills offer discounts on the price per pound when you purchase larger volumes. If you’re looking for treasures, Outlets provide a great chance to find a treasure for cheap if you’re willing to dig a little.

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Goodwill Industries International is partnering with the Together Foundation to expand the Goodwill Industries® mission and social enterprise model in South Korea, establishing a social welfare model that creates jobs and support for people with disabilities.



They offer the basics — jeans, business attire, infant and childrenâ??s clothing, housewares and appliances, furniture and more — at a great value. The more than 2,600 Goodwill stores in the United States and Canada are independently owned and operated. Goodwill stores feature gently used and new items that are bargains for smart shoppers.



Items may be returned only with prior authorization from the seller within seven days of receipt if the merchandise was damaged during shipping or if there was a major distortion in the description. Shopping by check leaves you vulnerable to bank fraud, and sending a cashierâ??s check or money order doesnâ??t give you any protection if you have problems with the purchase.


host the perfect fall dinner party with items from goodwill

Place cards let you seat people near others that they have something in common with, and it’s considerate to seat smokers, or parents with babies near a door so they can slip out without too much of a hassle if necessary. The money you spend goes to people who live in your community and need assistance with job training or daily tasks, and, thanks to Goodwill, they learn new skills every day for independent living.